Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I think I have ADD

I think I may have ADD. I work, text, chat, work, blog, email, shop (not necessarily buying anything), pinterest, i used to facebook or myspace all at the same time..i don't know how i do it. But if i don't, my brain gets foggy. so i think i have ADD. I'm not joking or making fun of anyone with ADD, i am just simply stating that i do too much at once and some people may see it as a flaw, but i see it as that's just how my brain works. :)
  • Ok so I think i figured out the coolest thing about Pinterest. It helps me with the cool things i want to do. Gets my brain going for the projects i'ld like to complete Maybe it will help me with my creativity too. Here is something that really has piqued my interest. I really want to play with SUITCASES!!!!
 i think we may need to do long as we can make drawers work...

tell me these little tables aren't awesome???? too friggin cute!

I need a makeup corner....and this suitcase cabinet would help!
  • Last night I made calzones using the pillsbury pizza dough, homemade sauce, ground beef, mozzarella and ricotta cheese. I even made roasted tomatoes with CHEEEESE. it was a good dinner. I took pics of it, but didn't upload. I'll do it tonight. What's for dinner this evening??? hmmm, chicken of some kind or it may be leftovers night. 
  • Yesterday I was ready to move ahead in my yoga training BUT i couldn't find the continuation of my awesome video. So I have 15 minutes of one video and sorta found another one. The lady narrarating the other video pisses me off. So I have to break down and buy a video. People I'm sad, I want part two of MY video. i like the guys voice and it feels like the movements are more fluid. PLUS after 5 days of doing it, you need to feel my biceps!!! 
  • So Today on Ideeli we've got Ashton Sutton Clocks, normally i wouldn't be super excited about clocks, but the prices are reasonable and i really like a couple of them. Here's what you'll find....

They have a cool gear clock but i can't find a good enough picture to show you how cool it is. 
  • Got some annoying news from the doc. quitting smoking equals proctitis inflammation equals sigmoidoscopy....i bet you all want to know about my ass. hmmm cigarette butts, jacky's butt, potential butt cancer...really i don't think i'll ever not be the butt of that joke. fuck. 
  • SOOO anyone catch the New Girl last night? i really really liked the show. I love Zooey Deschanel as you all already know, it was great to see her act on a comedy television show. I hope the show is here to stay. 
  • I will be learning how to sand a table this week. I have a project. it's a pretty weathered, rustic looking coffee table. I am going to transform it. I will take pictures before i begin the sanding process...
Ok peeps. Have a great day. See you back here tomorrow!

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