Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm a bad Mama.....

My poor dog. She was confined to the yard and the house while the garage sale was going on. All she wanted to do was hang out with us, but since I had to deal with so many people I couldn't have her out with us. If i come home and she's peed on the carpet just for spite, I'll know for sure she's super angry at us. I mean no park, no walks, nothing. I would be pissing on my owners sleeping face. I have to take her out tonight, before the ball game...oh didn't i mention that's i'm going to a Giants game tonight??? Me, gerr, emily and Jonathon! YAY Em gets to go to a game!!!!
  • Back to what i was saying about Bella. My animals didn't get a lot of love this weekend. And yes, that also means I missed the pet fair. Don't look at me like that. I really wanted to go. Not just for the entertainment-HELLO, the skateboarding dog was there. But because there are a lot of trainers in the area and i would really like someone to observe Bella. Leash aggression is annoying, especially when they're super happy meeting other dogs off leash. 20 minute hike after work should do her AND myself good. 
  • So i'm starting a new regimen....i guess. I have to go on a less calorie intake food thing...i refuse to call it a diet. I just want to eat when i'm hungry, not overeat and not eat meals that taste like cardboard. Ofcourse I should have picked a different day, because we will most likely be going to In n out before the game. I will refrain from ordering a burger that looks like this:
ok for you In n Out fans here is the "not so secret" menu from their site: in n out not so secret menu
serious eats did a great job ordering all the super secret stuffs at In N Out. i'm thinkin i need to order a flying dutchman animal style tonight...hehehe...damn diet.
  • Part of this regimen goes back to that time where i mentioned yoga. This needs to be super important as of like two weeks ago. Unfortunately there's no room in the house to do yoga, so I have to take it outside. i can't find my mat. What's funny is that I sold two mats at the last garage sale. yup...i know. silly me.
  • The garage sale was a success. We have some extra money for groceries, pet food and toys and petty cash. i'm happy. no digging into our bank accounts. You know, this is hard work. I feel so sore from standing on my feet for two days, waking up before I normally do during the work week. But it needed to happen and it got done, so hurrah!
  • Yesterday was a gloomy morning. We thought it was going to rain. We turned on the tv and there it was. 9/11 remembrance day. everywhere. in ever US city, town, corner....heart.....My eyes swelled up so i quickly covered them with my sunglasses and proceeded to do whatever was needed. But every time I was alone in the house i remembered. I remembered my fears, I remembered not getting through to my mother in New York. I remember the smoke billowing from the towers. I remember the second plane. I remember everything. I remember the dust. I remember the quiet in my local town. No one made a peep. We listened, stared, thought and cried in silence. I will never forget. I will never forget those towers with the beautiful view of the city that scared me as a child and as an adult. I will never forget the love and support human beings showed one another that day. i will never forget the innocent people that died that day. They are all angels watching over us. 
  • Meet our new pet.

they're both robots. we're still learning how to use them. Gerry has the strangest things in his storage. We'll see how Bella reacts to Pleo, R2D2 she was ok with. click here to learn more about Pleo. Click here for command lists and here for more bonus stuffs from the Old Robots website. Robots are cool.
Alright everyone have a great Monday!!!!

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