Tuesday, September 20, 2011

holy heat wave.

Dudes and dudettes, it's hot here. I know most people around the country have been dealing with the heat, but we Bay Areans have enjoyed a simple summer with some heat waves but mostly NORMAL temperatures.  Well we got smacked with some heat yesterday and this morning feels like we may get more heat throughout the day. I really shouldn't say much since I'm indoors all day in the AC.
  • Yesterday I linked a tablet-disregard it. The reviews call it worthless. That's the issue with being spontaneous,  sometimes I look at stuff quickly and say "ooooh prettty and it's inexpensive and affordable!" Lucky for me my boyfriend looked at it and read the reviews and nixed that one. I'm praying I get a super cool nifty tablet that fits my needs. Getting excited...oh it's beginning to look a lot like
  • ok...what is this????? This sounds cool. Anyone been to one of these???? The San Francisco Ultimate Women's Expo. I like samples and cool stuffs-always looking for neat things to buy people. Now I would need 4 friends who would want to go on a saturday or a sunday 10 bucks for 4 VIP tickets. I really need to not shop. 
  • i've joined pinterest. why? I have no idea. I still don't quite understand it, but i'm pinning when i can. it's like categorized pretty things. i'm more of a clusterfuck collage princess. Maybe this will help keep my thoughts organized. 
  • URG. i interrupt this program to let you know there are diamonds on ideeli. Yes diamonds. Diamonds from So let's see what the savings are, shall we??? Ok the items i checked aren't on the site, so I can only assume they moved them from the site to sell on ideeli or they're not there yet...let's google....i failed. I also don't have the patience. ok they have some cute rings. Need a ring sizer, go here. i love diamonds....
  • for those wine drinkers, some very pretty stemware on hautelook. Price isn't bad 25 bucks=7 piece wine set.
  • I feel like crap today. My stomach hurts. I feel like i'm starving. I kinda want to curl up in a little ball and watch daytime television. I hate daytime television. I get to see a dermatologist today at 3:30, so I really can't just go home sick. I could, but that would be silly. i'll wait this out. 
  • I'm taking up a new project. it's a coffee table that's been outside for a long time. I'm hoping that my vision will come alive. I hope to get started by the weekend. I'm so excited. Plus i get to learn a few things from the boys. 
  • I have to give major props to one of my favorite ladies out there. Not only do i love her hair, but her style is awesome. For people who know me, they know I can't stick to one style day in and day out-I would get bored too easily. I'd like to share some pics of Miss Zooey Deschanel:

  •  Is it possible that my 15 minutes of yoga is getting easier??? it is!!! I think i'm ready for part two. Now to find a part 2....i have no energy for that today. 
Alrighty all. Have a great day!  Be Safe!

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