Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No deep fried fish for me thank you...

Boyfriend went fishing this weekend, boyfriend came home with about 5 medium sized fish, boyfriend likes to deep fry stuff. guess what boyfriend will be doing in my clean kitchen this evening.....making a mess. a deep fried batter-y mess. I better get the steam cleaner ready, arm myself with bleach and windex to kill the smell. Should be a fun night. I have no idea what to eat for dinner now.
  • is it weird that i don't like wearing shoes at work? when i'm not wearing socks that is....i think it's unprofessional, but my feet are sweating...and NO they aren't stinky.
  • I'm trying so hard to NOT SHOP! I have to save money....but sigh, it's so hard. so many pretty things on sale. I didn't even go to the mall labor day weekend. I know, i know some people think "what's the big deal?" Well I like pretty things of ALL shapes and sizes. Pots, pans, shoes, underwear, dresses, necklaces, boots, pj's, vases, get my drift? oh and i love food shopping, which I didn't do this weekend because i was broke and Gerry was out of town. 
  • We all know what's coming up. In 4 days it will be September 11th. 10 years. fucking a. not ready to talk about it.
  • oh hello Eminem. Love my ipod. 

  •  Say hello to Garage Sale number TRES! This weekend only, until we feel the need to do it again. The trouble is with these community garage sales we have, is that I don't have anything to sell!!!!. I don't collect crap. lol. I am hoping to go through the few boxes i have underneath the house and find some things to sell. Otherwise I'm just selling other people's items and not making any money. We always have fun. Unfortunately though, i may have to miss the Pet Fair. Free microchipping and rabies shots. Mr Fievel needs his shot, so I may just go and walk around with him.  Erg, the more i read about it the more i'd rather go to the fair with Bella for a couple of hours....i may just have to.
  • here's another one Bay Area coming in 2012! Bay Area Pet Expo
  • i keep thinking about this pet fair and Bella coming with-probably not a good idea, but i have to hope she won't pull like crazy...she is a dog....hmm, maybe i'll meet some people who can help me. it's gotta be crazy having that many dogs in an area and expecting them all to behave, right? haha. i guess i'll just have to think about this, since I need my cat chipped. 
  • Cool new toys?

 is this a legoland thing? the dog looks awesome and sweet.

 lightbulb alien? What does it do exactly? 
i dunno what this is....doesn't really look like a bug either...hmm...shrug
oooooooooh. not like the normal rubik's cube isn't hard or anything, let's make it pretty and even more annoyingly difficult. I'd buy it.....
hmmm perfect year for this it like farmville and the apocalypse all in one? 
  • So the above items i found randomly on google images, but i was taken to this one site repeatedly and I have to say you should definitely check it out. They're witty. I want to buy the Sylvanian family they have on there, I never knew they were gonna get an RV. toyspedia 2011 new toys
  • Why do i do this to myself??? I just HAD to look up something super cool. LUNCHBOXES! I love lunchboxes. I have about 6 or so that are pretty unique-one even has the last supper on it. look at what i fooooound!

i can't look anymore....I want them all.  I will end with the lunchboxes my friends. Have a great day!!!

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