Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Turn around...every now and then i get a little bit

pissy when things aren't picked up. A peice of paper, a battery from who knows what apparatus it came from, a shoe,  sock-let's just say any article of clothing that should have gone into the hamper which is in a ten step proximity to the said item of clothing laying on the floor getting a tan or maybe having a nap....ok...let's just forget about it. I may begin to hide anything that is left on the floor as a fun game of hide and seek for Gerr. hahaha, i think i just solved my own problem. It begins tonight.
  • Busy over here....i have 30 minutes to right this blog. 
  • Ok so for those of you who sorta know what's going on...i'm on day 2 of like an overall DIET. i hate that word. I also hate making everything so black and white-but i'm feeling out things and all in all I feel ok...I'm tired today. I've had a hard boiled egg-cooked correctly and for about 18 minutes this morning-i made two too! a couple of slices of turkey meat, a half a slice of cheddar and some coffee. I need more water but the cooler is downstairs and i keep forgetting my glass. As for the other dietary thingy-i'm doing good. I'll tell you all about it later....
  • i think I need acupuncture again for this stupid pinched nerve. i know these take a really long time to heal. Here's an interesting blog-Pinched nerve in back oOOH here's a video, maybe I can get Gerry to watch it so he can help and give me a massage!
  • well what else is there to write about? the Giants game was rad. WE won, so did the Yanks. yay us. 
  • I'm sorta sleepy. i could use a nap. 
  • lots of undie stuff on ideelie!
  • Yesterday also marked day 1 of getting my butt in gear and exercising again. yay me. I didn't do yoga, but i did hike. 
  • i'm in the mood to do crosswords, but i can't because now i have 10 minutes to write this blog. LOL. I am so not entertaining today. 
  • I haven't done this in a while, but people if you like cool baking blogs you NEED to go to this one: you will be impressed so go check it out.
  • ok I'm tired. trying to drink another cup of coffee to kick start my brain. Hopefully that should help. Definitely doing the mini hike today. That will definitely get my heart going and Bella did great offleash. 
since i'm a bore today, i'm going to leave you. have a great day!!!

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