Friday, September 2, 2011

i didn't forget you....

I make believe i have many readers and that you all constantly check in on me to see if I posted. Well make believe readers here I am. I know it's about 10pm Pacific time, but yes, i am here.....
  • rant #1. ugh. I want to bitch and moan for a minute about...dun dun dunnn FACEBOOK. Is anyone as bored as I am with it?  I check in and read people's posts and after reading 12 posts where 5 are from the same person talking about going to work, the grocery store, the post office, their gets lame. Whatever happened to saying what you really feel or stating a point of view that is yours and that you feel strongly about at the moment and having a real discussion? Why say something when you are really saying nothing? Ever notice there's always a class clown on FB? Or there's always a person who takes pictures of everything they do and posts it? It could be their brand new socks OR that their socks got holes in them??? Who cares??? ugh. I fear FB and the "friends" on their have pretty much left me "shrugging" at them rather than finding anything they say interesting. This ofcourse excludes my real friends, who I do have to say aren't overposters, except for one because he's an attention whore. hehehe. 
  • Rant #2. I'm at home. The boyfriend is out of town. I sent him on his way to have boy fun and part of me is sitting here wondering if he's going to have way more fun than I am this weekend or if he even misses me as much as I miss him....I'm a turd, really it's only been a couple of hours and I should be ok, but it's weird. Well tomorrow is another day. 
  • I really shouldn't have made lava cakes tonight. I made 4 and I ate 1. 3 are sitting out looking at me like they should be eaten. I will put them away ASAP. Chocolate really doesn't fix everything, but it does taste damn good. 
  • Tomorrow is my second acupuncture appointment. I can't wait. It's going to feel sooooo good. I am so happy I tried it. I even feel more empowered because I did it. People it does work. oh and my desk is looking better!!
  • Hello Tennessee Valley! Me and my buds are going on a nice long walk to look at the beauty of Tennessee Valley! If you've never been there before and you're in Northern California you should definitely check it out. No dogs allowed on this walk. That's the only negative.
  • Why am I watching Sleepless in Seattle? I haven't seen this movie in decades. Pretty damn sappy and not helping my mood one bit. In 21 minutes I get to watch The Dog Whisperer, so I'll be ok. DO NOT WATCH the movie Frozen. I couldn't watch anymore of it after the guy jumps down from the chairlift. 
  • Bella looks beat. She's laying on the couch fully asleep and not bothered at all by the typing. I wish I could sleep like her. She always looks so comfortable. 
Alright, well there's my check in, not the usual stuff, but this desk ain't ergonomically correct and my shoulders are about to tighten up. I'll probably check in this weekend because it will keep me sane. 

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Mamichachi said...

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