Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ass kicked.

Somewhere in that title I did want to add that my dog is the cutest pup in the world and I have proof since i uploaded some photos, but felt that ass kicked summed me up today. let's go on shall we?
  • just to remind you how cute Bella is here are some painful reminders of her beauty....

 yup...she's a beautiful dog....
  • There's one guy on the internet who gives it to us straight. If you haven't signed up for KC DOG BLOG, you should. On today's blog he talks about the Merrit Clifton report. Let's just say math is broken down, things don't add up. This is important when reporters begin quoting misinformation in their articles. Always makes me wonder about those numbers especially when our own government doesn't feel that the statistics have enough information. i forgot where that link was...sorry not feeling to good today. 
  • How does your favorite dog breed add up? Check the American Temperament Test Society This almost sounds fun to do, but there's a part where they put you and the dog in an uncomfortable situation-i'm supposed to be threatened in a way. I really don't want Bella to ever have to feel that or give her ideas.
  • Yes people, 15 minutes of Yoga kicked my ass. AND i liked it.  I forgot how it led from one pose directly into another and la la la, well it was good. i thought i was going to be in a lot of pain today, but I survived with a little bit of soreness. 
  • If i said it's Day 4 of my "diet" and i haven't lost crap would you be mad? lol. whaa whaa whaaa. 
  • i feel like i'm about to keel over and pass out. mmmm odwalla. probably the only way to make me eat fruit is by putting it in a pie, on top of cheesecake, or in a smoothie. wow this tastes amazing right now! I have to drink my one cup of coffee a day since the two i think was not really helping my situation....
  • ok here's me! darker hair, better bangs!!!
i love the blonde, but unfortunately when i did that little strip i used dye for roots and not actual bright blonde color. I just can't see myself spending 12 bucks on a box for that little piece. I think i may have to get it done professionally! wowzers look at me...hahaha...i'll do the rest myself, thank you very much....
  • no dreams about whales last night. too bad.
  • Easy Peasy Black Bean Soup-ok not the most exciting recipe but it tasted good to me. I made some last night for my lunch.
One can Bush's Black Beans
1/2 tub of salsa (you know the plastic containers the fresh salsa comes in-add more if you like)
place in blender or food process and brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzrkkkkkkkkk it...or press on.
pour ingredients into pot
two cups of beef broth-this all depends on how you like your soup, i put about a cup and a half
a little salt
eat or save for tomorrow
next time I'm adding corn to the end. mmm

ok i'm pretty tired and i have to do my job now. Have a good evening!

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