Sunday, September 18, 2011

Must keep busy....

So I have.... I've made:
  • a buffalo chicken pasta salad-I got the initial idea from the girl who ate everything-but a la Jacky style, mixed it up a bit. So here's what i did. 4 chicken breasts cut into cubes, seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and marinated in Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce. Cook well. Cook one whole box of Penne Pasta. Now is where the fun starts, chop carrots julienne, and one bunch green onions. After the pasta is cooked cool down under cold water. In separate bowl mix 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1-2 cups (depending how saucy it comes out try one cup first) of Ranch Dressing, and about 1/2 cup of Franks Buffalo Wing sauce, mix well. taste. here's where you become a chef and play around with the variations. I didn't want mine to be too spicey, but hey kids have fun with it. Toss and Enjoy! I didn't get a picture, how sad. I should have!!!
  • I did get a picture of what i did with the Buffalo Chicken leftovers....they became Buffalo Chicken Pasta Cheese bake. one layer of the pasta, one layer of cheese, one layer of pasta another layer of cheese etc...bake at 350 until cooked. It was super delicious. 
i paired it with a romaine salad, with juicy ripe tomatoes, gruyere cheese and yummy croutons. Perfecto.
  • Last night I tried to make ice cream. We have an icecream maker and I wanted to play with it and plus I need to keep busy....Problem 1- only had one cup of regular milk so in total i used 3 cups of half and half. We didn't have enough ice so we used what we had and churned for 40 minutes. Probably not the way it was supposed to be done, but nonetheless the ice cream has a wonderful vanilla flavor. 
  • So tonight I made an apple tarte tartin. I think it was rather nummy, i paired it with the icecream. I didn't think of taking pictures of it until AFTER I had stolen a piece to pair up with my nummy icecream. Next time, because I need the practice. As much as I like caramelized fruit, i'm not a fan of the stickiness on my teeth. I really wanted more of a apple pie type feeling, so i'll definitely try again. 
  • Let me tell you what i've done this weekend besides above: food shopping, meditation, yoga, an hour of doggy play, cleaning house, BBQ with friends, watched a movie, garage sale at my mother in laws', took bella on a walk in the hot sun, got Gerry and his sis some lunch, came home finished laundry, reorganized the kitchen, came home and tried to nap. sounds like i've been busy. It's no use trying to hide it, I'm quitting smoking and tomorrow it has been 7 days since this all began No more buying packs of cigarettes. I don't want to smoke anymore, but i realized i smoke when i'm  bored or frustrated. I just have to keep busy. Too bad i'm so tired right now. 
 Guess it's bed time. Thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you later

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