Monday, September 26, 2011

super sad face, i forgot my glehsses at home

hmmph. yes, i can still see but it's annoying. The wonderful boyfriend of mine will be delivering my glasses on his way to the city. I can't wait for my second pair of glasses.
  • don't you hate it when you forget what you were going to start with first???? dammit. OH well i have to give two happy birthday shout outs to Cameron and Julia. Both Born this weekend two seperate days. Congrats Teri and Ang on your babies. I've known lots of mommies have babies this year thanks to a group I belong to. It's been exciting to see these mommies make beautiful babies. So congratulations to all of you!!!! We have some more coming so YAY!!!
  • oh i need a week two medal. 
 two weeks. Haven't bought a pack nor smoked a whole cigarette.
  • How's the coffee table doin? well i figure i'll show you the pictures when i'm done. but I sanded and now i'm scraping. :)
  • Also made some coasters this weekend. Not finished with them yet. they came out ok, but i want to do more to them. Do you want to know how to make your own coasters??? here's your link! it's quite fun. 
  • Yesterday we went to an estate sale and I found a vintage suitcase. It's probably from the 60's and in mint condition. it was made by Vogue Custom Made San Francisco. I've only found two links on Google. Seems rare. But i did find theboomcase they make boomboxes out of old suitcases. 
interesting yes...but I really like my suitcase so I think i'll keep it and use it for other stuff like traveling-not on a plane ofcourse. I would hate for them to lose it or scuff it...I did find some cool stuff in there. An unopened box of kleenex tissues copyright year of 1964, matches, best western sanitary bags, and an old ticket to Disneyland. hmmm, isn't that just odd.
  • Of course now i need to know all about how old this ticket is and I'm driving myself mad about finding out the year. I did find an AWESOME blog about disney vintage tickets, but i may have to do my studying ok..found here's the ticket
there are a few more attractions on the ticket i found and the 50C is 75C-which i thought stood for cents, but i'm probably very wrong. Anyway it's pretty good. Glad someone blogs about this cool stuff!
  • Forever 21 has free shipping today on orders over 21 bucks! Sent you to the promotion, buy 2 and save. 
  • Am I not aware of something I should be aware of??? Why would i buy tweezers for 25 bucks when Walgreens sells them for 5? If someone can explain this to me and prove that the 25 dollar tweezers cause less pain, prohibit regrowth of hair and feed you s'mores then I will go out and buy said 25 dollar tweezers. 
  • San Francisco Whale Tours on livingsocial. I'm jumping on that right now. I can't pass it up. Goes to Point Bonita lighthouse and leaves from Pier 39. 90 minutes. I want to go...tomorrow. lol.
  • Oh great news. The wedding is Saturday. I'll probably getting that monthly devil thing on Saturday. everyone dance now. 
Personally i think there should be helpful little mice when you need them to entertain you while you're cramping for an entire week and losing half of your blood supply. NO i'm not Pmsing. 
  • So what's for dinner peeps??? I'm making my man and I STEAKS! i also think i'm going to make him a yummy green bean casserole as the side dish. ooh lovin the din din idea. maybe he'll even grill can only hope. 
That's all for me folks. I've got shit to do. Have a beautiful monday. 

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Anna Gray said...

If you manage to hire two little white mice to entertain you, will you send the name of their talent agency to meeeeeee? I could totes get on board with that.