Monday, August 15, 2011

Connect the la la la...

Maybe I shouldn't write my blog in the morning, i always say the same thing...i'm sleepy, i'm tired...whaa whaa whaa. Like anyone cares that this morning I'm super really makes no difference, it's the morning, i woke up two hours ago and I'd rather be sleeping even though I'm at work, sitting up right, staring at this white screen watching my words echo from my brain into my fingerprints and BLAZOWEY there you are right in front of me. Really it's amazing...oooooooh.
  • Not sure what to talk about today. I can tell you hautelook has philosophy products, ideeli is selling roller skates for adults and kids. (almost bought a pair, but i had to step back and remember those could be the death of my back).
  • I will tell you that I am eating trail mix right now. and it's good. When we went to Costco Gerry picked out a bag which at first i was like bleh, I mean come chocolate, no m&m's????? But i gotta tell you it's good. i like it. he's allowed to pick out the trail mix in the future...those little yogurt chip things...mmmm, delightful. one of the peanuts though-the big ones taste like farm and circus and that possible? I actually see elephants....i think i need a nap...
  • i had a dream i was eating Cookie Crisp cereal. I used to love that cereal. mmmm...i usually don't dream about cereal, just in case you were wondering. I think i was pretty fond of eating it when i was a kid, so I can only imagine that last nights dreams were brought to us by Jacky's Past in the corner of her brain-the little things she liked, such as....
  • I love the pawn stars guys, but their commercials for energy drinks and subway are stupid silly. I thought they were doing well financially, why would they have to do such low budget commercials??? They're terrible....sigh.
  • just a warning to annoying people. Please don't work at my place of employment. You annoy me. AND take a friggin shower. Please. 
  • What's for dinner??? Well I think I may do some BBQing, i have some meats defrosting. I think I may save the leftover chicken stuffs for lunch stuffs alllll week. yummy. 
  • wow i'm completely boring today. I didn't want to touch on last weeks topic of the poor pregnant woman, because to tell you the truth, i'm still pissed off about the media coverage. I am compiling a post for that another day...when I have time. And it's not a post about the incident, but about dog stuff. I do want to add that they mention the dog was 125 lbs. here is the link that you can check and see what the size of a pitbull or staffordshire or a bulldog or cattledog or anything you can want to know about the type of dog. I do want to say about the writers of the article-they didn't do their homework.
  • huh..after looking at that site, i'm thinking Bella is am American Bulldog...weird. Bella looks like one of the puppies they have on the side.
  • ok, still have not much to write about. My hon is home. I wish i was home. bleh. 
I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully more interesting things to write about. :)

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