Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mosquito bites itch....

A total of 6 mosquito bites. it's just not fun. I wish I could scratch till my hearts content and the bites no longer itch.
  • Ok after telling my camping story to some friends, I have to retract the quinoa pronunciation and admit that THEY were right AND so am I. dictionary-quinoa
  • FYI, a bunch of juicy cooter...i mean couture stuff on hautelook. 
  • I want my couch...i can't find a picture of it. But our livingroom is rather uncomfortable. i hope my couch pipe dream comes true this weekend. 
  • We have a dog at work. She's pretty adorable. When she runs around she sounds like she's skipping. She's a corgi. This picture is not her...but you get the point. Admit it. Looking at a picture of a puppy just makes you happy.

  •  Bridal shower on Saturday. I have NEVER been to one. Each website i've turned to aid in my gift dilemma has steered me in so many directions that finally I just decided I'll give her a basket of stuff that she likes. Shrug. I have the slightest clue. There are actually registries for this stuff....I guess it makes it easier. Now I have to go shopping after work on Friday and aquire the following goodies: a basket (duh), 2 cooking magazines, nail polish, frame (printing out a pic of the happy couple and putting it in the frame), stuff for scrapbooking her wedding day...and who the hell knows what else. It all has meaning to both of us and for them, so I figure it works.
  • Have Cramps ever killed anyone??? I'll take that as a no, since Google didn't really give me an answer. What did turn up were "the old man and the sea" and people complaining about the Depo shot. I guess I feel better...need to invest in midol asap. 
  • Open your ears, expand your musical are the Gipsy Kings
  • oooh oooh...exciting (boring) news on the homefront. I officially love my new rice cooker. The rice came out perfect and just in time to self clean our oven. Thank the lawd for BBQ's, rice cookers and microwaves. 
  • You know what's become a lost art? Dancing. Sure nowadays you go to da club and you shake your ass and all sorts of bumpin and that dancing is cool, heck sometimes you need that kind of dancing, but we lost the art of dancing with a partner. Think pre 1960's, think Swing, think Tango, think Waltz...think anything that isn't what it is today...

 sometimes I see older couples dance together and they just know the steps. As if whatever they learned in their youth was now forever ingrained in their genes and they just dance together like a perfectly fit pair. How are we going to dance when we're 70 with our partners? Bumping and grinding to "OPP" or "Poker face"....I think we need a new fad to come in and that's real dancing.  I think it would be neat to let Gerry lead once in a while (LOL, there's no leading in today's dancing). Hoping we can learn some swing, the foxtrot, something that we'll know until we're 80.
Ok must be on my way. Everyone have a wonderful day!

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