Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gray Mornings give way to Sunny days.

So far these last couple of days the mornings have been gray and foggy. A reminder that Fall and Winter are not too far ahead. Each day I look out the window I long to wear long sleeves and comfy sweaters. In the Bay Area you can't fall into that trap or else by noon you'll be dripping with sweat. Still, I like that Fall is approaching, it may not be like New England with the leaves changing from green to bright orange red to dead brown, but it works here.
  • Eat this, Not that has once again caught my eye this morning. Weight loss recipes and they ALL look fattening. I admit it, I've gained about 2lbs. I need to start walking again, but why not try some weight loss recipes. Check out 15 best recipes for Weight Loss. We have to eat chicken tonight, so maybe i'll try their Chicken parm recipe! My tummy is officially growling....
  • Thanks to KCDOG blog, I find out some great information on studies around the world regarding dog behavior, this is the newest yet-check it out
  • Hautelook has Dav Rainboots. There nearly sold out, but you have to check these out because they have great designs. Wish I had a credit on hautelook. lol.
  • just ate a bit of my leftover pasta...I know, it's 10am and i'm eating pasta, but I swear it was like a tiny bit. 
  • MLB presents their 50% sale! Ofcourse I linked you to the Yankee sale, but i bet you can find your favorite team on the site.
 I'm a medium by the way....just in case anyone wants to buy this for me! HAHAHAHA!

  •  I never did tell you what I wound up making this weekend with my brand new Cuisinart Food Processor. Well I made Tomato Sauce! I bought about 5 lbs of tomatoes, threw em in the food processor, 2 onions, 5 garlic cloves and then poured it into a crockpot, added 2 cans of tomato paste, basil, salt, pepper and italian seasonings. Pretty much tasted throughout the day. The sauce pretty much cooked on low for about 7 hours. It was delicious. I have two in the freezer, one may have to come out tonight for that chicken parm dish....mmmmm
  • OOOOH...oh my what to do???? Chicken Parm or Chicken Pot Pie???? Yes peeps, i do have pie crust at home. I have to make this. Gerry loves Pot Pie. I promise I will make the Chicken Parm in a couple of days! oooh I'm so excited!  oh yeah, i guess you're gonna want this recipe huh...Here it is Also something for the holidays? Peanut Butter Cup Cookie
  • I realized i haven't taken a picture of my beautiful couch. I must get on that, because seriously i can live on that couch. If I close my eyes, I can see it and i want to lay down on it. 
  • Holy spam. No wonder I no longer use hotmail anymore. Unfortunately when I order from Amazon (i haven't bought a thing!) I have to use that email address. I can't figure out how to change it, I can't remember the password either. oops. But oh my I am so happy with Gmail. I would hate to get that much spam...
  • Ok, so I'm a fan of the Kottonmouth Kings and no I do not smoke pot, I know hard to believe. Apparently Mickey Avalon has joined the Subnoize record company....i really don't know what to think here. I've seen the guy live and really wasn't impressed, although all of his material was pure satire in my eyes. For all of you who maybe haven't heard of Mickey Avalon, i will bless your ears with his music...

  •  I was just handed a bag of pears. I need to make a pear pie! Usually i follow the same recipe as an apple pie, but these pears are close to ripeness that i may just use a simple recipe kinda like this one
Well all, I'm starving as I write all of this and i have to jet. Have a fab day peeps!

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