Thursday, August 11, 2011

One step closer....

one minute closer, one hour closer, one day closer to FRIDAY! I want friday now. I like weekends. Who doesn't?? Who says "i can't wait to go to work on Monday?" or "Man, Wednesdays are the BOMB!" yeah, i didn't think so. Let's get on with the show.
  • On August 10th a strong pitbull advocate and educator died from cancer. Catherine Hedges was amazing in her non profit work. We were "facebook" friends, but whenever i commented on something she commented back. I thought it was pretty awesome. I teared up hearing the news this morning. She was incredible. Check out don' She'll truly be missed. Instead of fighting for the rights of the breed she's probably running through meadows with them in heaven. R.I.P.
  • We may get our couch today!!! Crossing my fingers and toes and twisting my hair into little knots, because I really really want a livingroom I can be comfortable in dammit. It's amazing how I do not want to be in there. I thought the TV could keep me in there, but no it's the seating. Who knew? I thought I would be fine laying on the floor, but I guess there's this sense of cozy closeness you get with the animals and your partner that you can only have on a couch. 
  • What do you do when you see a crazy person? Yesterday Bella and I were walking and this man did a little butt boogie, threw his hands in the air and wiggled them about and then proceeded to walk only to do this a couple of times and stumble while he walked. He may have been drunk, but these days you never can tell.....Just like people with bluetooths. You still look coocoo. I am pretty sure you're really talking loudly to yourself. 
hahahahahaha. Love it. 
  • I love yard sales. It's sad to think that summer is almost over and with the season ending so do yard sales. We'll be having one in September hopefully to clear up more space in storage areas. This weekend on our way home we went to a garage sale. The hope was that we would find some fishing supplies for super cheap. We had missed out on the bulk of the sale but caught the very end. I found a working $2 paper shredder. I made Gerr buy it and we got it to fit in our already stuffed vehicle. I remember a couple of years ago, Gerry and I stumbled onto a garage sale in our area and they had some pretty awesome stuff. I found a book which will be a "bathroom book" for the rest of our lives because everyone needs to peak at it. It's called "How to Iron your own damn shirt". This is a must for men. Ladies, you won't find this book at every garage sale so go over to and put this in his stocking for Christmas. I think i need to tape this to Gerrs face at night, maybe he'll absorb some of the material. HAHAHAHA.I do love that man, just in case you doubt me.
  •  Hair. schnarf. oh hair you grow fast, but with it you bring these white strands that just remind me that I'm getting older and that i need to make believe i'm younger by hiding your white, evil, annoying, mean, sad....where was I going with this.....oh yeah...why do we get gray hair? wikipedia says:
The change in hair color is caused by the gradual decrease of pigmentation that occurs when melanin ceases to be produced in the hair root and new hairs grow in without pigment. Two genes appear to be responsible for the process of graying, Bcl2 and Mitf. The stem cells at the base of hair follicles are responsible for producing melanocytes, the cells that produce and store pigment in hair and skin. The death of the melanocyte stem cells causes the onset of graying.
My hair has been dying for a long time then....i found my first gray at 14 and since then it's been worse. The top of my head looks like i'm about 50, ok maybe I am overreacting, let's say 45. Basically my point is it's time to dye again. I wanted lighter in the summer and since we're approaching (gulp) fall, i guess it's time to go dark. I did like Zooey's color-remember that picture with the bangs and my bangs-by the way apparently 50 people looked at that blog that day-amazing...atleast for me anyway. I think i'll wait a week to make the change. Still stuck on my blonde patch in the front for a while
  •  Jump over to Alloy, sales like these are the reason I have a lot of bathing suits. Catch the END of the season and wind up saving 75-80% on bathing suits. I ordered the pink one. :)
Time to scat peeps. Got some work to do, but there may be a bonus blog later today, especially if we get our couch!

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