Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hi I'm Sneezy.

So far this morning I have sneezed 4 times and i've only been at work for an hour. These are good orgasmic sneezes. I was told after my last sneeze that the pollen count is down so it must be work that I'm allergic to. I agree wholeheartedly. I should be at home playing with Bella and lounging around working at my own pace. AHHHH that's my pipe dream-Oh but instead of like crack or something, i figure i'd just smoke fairy tinkerbell stuff not angel dust ok?
  • It always amazes me....Women should all own pretty lingerie, we should. For us. Not anyone else. A pretty negligee or a silk cami and shorts, you know pretty delicate thingys. No one is saying buy a lace bustier with garters if you're single, just doesn't make sense to wear to bed. I've found some great things online for good prices (here i go again, but I won't mention I have just seen some stuff for Luxe Lingerie-I don't think i'm allowed on this site at work, so don't click it until later...I saw boobies and quickly shut down the page. Let's just say that their prices are redonkulous. 150 bucks for a pair of lace fingerless gloves....HELLO fingerless!??? One pair of cashmere panties 295.00. ooh a leather bralette for 250.00. the most unattractive night nurse costume i have ever seen for 595.00...Ok you get it. expensive doesn't mean better. expensive can actually mean funny.  
  • I feel like I need a shower after all of that...bleh.
  • I bet you're wondering about my back? I bet you forgot....Anywhoo, I'm gonna start physical therapy. YAY. just waiting for those people to call and hopefully I'll be Bionic Jacky. Also wonderful Ativan, you made the muscles relax, but still told me where the pain was....feels good today. :)
  • So while I was at the Doc's office yesterday the building shook and I freaked out...Did we have an earthquake???? earthquakes in my area I can't find it, so it must have been something else that rocked the building. pfft. Is anyone just a bit disturbed by the clusterfuck of activity in the left hand corner???? Ok don't mean to freak you out or anything, it's probably the Geyser Activity. 
Yes this is meant to scare people...BUT this is the last 21 yeah..ok I'm a bit scared now....
  • Let's just move on little doggies shall we? Speaking of Doggies...Most of us dog people do travel with our doggies. I hate when people say stupid stuff like, "Why do you take your dogs everywhere with you?" "they're just dogs, keep them at a kennel." Apparently these are people who don't really bond with their pets (if they have them) and as much as I would like to smack them upside the head, yell into their face to mind their own friggin beeswax, I just ignore them and keep on doing what I'm doing...So yeah, back to travelling with your pet. It's a pain in the ass to call each and every motel, hotel etc to find out if pets are allowed, I have actually done this-big Pain in the Tuckus. So here's your saving grace, everyone go AHHHHH it. you'll need it if you want to bring your pup anywhere!
  • my horoscope says:
Pisces (2/27/1977)
August 2, 2011: After a period of insecurity in your love life, there comes a new period of blossoming love and success with the opposite sex. Your mood is getting better and you feel joyful. 

And i thought it was just the Ativan... To tell you the truth, I'm thinking of couples counseling. I think at some point most couples need it. When it begins to get dry, dull, snappy, the person you love annoys more than anyone in the world and that whole happy feeling about the other person dwindles away...It's time for a jumpstart.  I don't think it's anything to be embarrassed about. And he's agreed to it. Thank God! Most men think they can fix things by changing their behaviors for a week or so after we've brought up the subject, but really it doesn't completely work and they always go back to said behaviors. 
  • My tummy is grumbling! I'm hoping that the steaks in the fridge are all nice and thawed when i get home tonight. leftover mac and cheese and steak...i can dig that...
  • I came back to post one more thing...This is about Bryan Stow Attack-you know, the guy who pretty much landed a Giants fan in the hospital and who has serious brain injuries. I just gotta say one thing. Baseball is supposed to be fun. There is no violence in baseball. And those turd nuggets who can't seem to control their hands, legs and feet and feel they have the authority to put their hands on other peoples bodies deserve to be in jail, locked away in a tiny cell. Reading these articles about this guy really piss me off and makes me so sad. I hope this guy gets what he deserves, because I doubt this was his first crime.
ok, i'm gonna snack on my mac and cheese. 
have a good day peeps!

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