Friday, August 12, 2011

Waking up is hard to do...

Especially when you wake up fresh out of a terrible nightmare where you world has been shattered and you remember names and faces and pain. I remember crying in my dream and I desperately feel the need to cry, but wouldn't that be silly? I mean, it was a dream. It didn't really happen. It was a dream, yet I feel terrible. So I guess the only thing left to do is try to find happy things to share with you guys.....
  • i know this is pretty random...but sometimes donkeys are cute and they make you laugh. When translating a baby or little donkey in spanish, they're called Burritos, but ofcourse they're not the edible kind. :)
look at the baby Donkey costume (shrek)

  •  ok...that was fun, lifted my mood a bit. what's next...What the heck is with Garnier commercials? Shampooing your hair is NOT that exciting and I've used their products it's aight (pronounce aaaIIIt-i think). It doesn't make me want to run into fields and get all crazy and jumping on my friends. Those commercials are starting to irritate me, I'm wondering if the new Garnier product has some kind of liquid prozac...I should try it....
  • We got our beautiful new couch that is amazingly comfortable and big and i'm excited. I dread doing anything this weekend because now I just want to lay on the couch.
  • OK Just read a terrible story about a Pacifica woman being "mauled" by a pitbull. Something doesn't add up here. A man comes home, his pregnant wife is on the ground, 2 pits in the house, one he thinks one has attacked his wife. Why didn't the other one join in? usually it's a pack thing.....they are dogs...Do NOT get me started with the Ignorant comments on the SF Gate page, Pregnant woman mauled. People who know nothing about dog behavior or dogs should not be allowed to say a word. Their comments pretty much should be "i feel sorry for the family" But really am I the only one who thinks this is weird???? It will be very easy to target the pitbull breed to make laws against them. Now I'm wondering if I should have reported the incident with Bella-she was attacked, it was my fault but who cares right? Then maybe there will be a Golden Retriever BAN. Roll eyes here. PEOPLE ARE STUPID and by nature prejudiced. This is a sad world to live in. 
  • ok, now i definitely need something to make me happy again. Wow. I need to have a little hope in humanity i guess. this is a good site didn't exactly do the trick...i'm still pissed. But it is a good site and does remind you that there are some people out there thoughtful and caring. 
  • ahhh....sites like this always remind me that there are people out there who are willing to educate other people regarding temperament of ANY dog. Please check out pit bull central-i linked you to their temperament page. And here's another one blessthebullys, just a blog and a good one. People like this make me happy. i feel better. oooh one i feel giggly again.
  • So a friend tried to explain what was happening in London and I still don't get it. A guy gets shot and the whole country goes crazy? i just don't understand. BUT maybe i can find an actual piece of news that makes sense.
  • Eat this, not that sent me 5 burgers that fight fat, i was and still am a bit skeptical especially since yes the burgers look good, but I wouldn't eat anyone of them. Someone else may, so that's why I linked it here. Burger alternatives are good for many people, I like meat so i'm sticking to that.
  • So i still have to buy stuff for the bridal shower that I don't want to go to. I feel so bad, but I really don't want to go. it has nothing to do with her, just my feelings, that's all. I've given myself an hour limit. If you feel uncomfortable doing things like this, atleast try to go, but set a time limit so that you can atleast say you did it. :)
  • Ooh Mommies! Ideeli has babychef by kidsline with awesome sale prices. a double duty warmer for 22 bucks, baby food center for 74, freshness reminders, digital thermometers...Check it out. Amazon sells the baby food center for 99. Ideeli costs 9.95 to ship and that's the price for shipping for anything and everything. 
  • i don't know what these are...BUT it's super cute....Hautelook has them and other toys, scooters and bikes. 

i'm gonna leave you with an 80's song. Have a great weekend.

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