Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank God it's Monday?

Did I just say that? I thought I vowed NOT to say something so heinous. But after last night, I'm glad to be at work where I can attempt to get my mind off of my home life. Of course more than anything I would rather be with my dog. My dog doesn't leave for the entire day giving me the impression she's going somewhere with a friend and then comes home at 8ish acting like I should be so happy she's home. If my dog had thumbs she'd probably tackle someone just to steal their phone and call me to let me know she would be out of the area chasing squirrels in the forest by herself but not to worry, she'd be home later. (if she had thumbs and could talk I'd get her a nice phone-but not an Iphone that's for sure) Yeah, my dog would definitely be a better human.
  • Last week was an awesome week. We started therapy, we left uplifted and things were amazing...for a week. Note to others and myself: Not every week will end in such wonder and love and hope. Sometimes sessions end in tears and maybe some guilt. It will leave you a bit vulnerable and empty. And even when you feel that you're ok to go on with the day and take things step by step, the other person will somehow find a way to make that day the awful. So note to self and others: If you have a bad session- GO YOUR SEPARATE WAYS FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. Maybe not the best advice to give, but since that will most likely happen a lot in the future why not just admit the obvious and say it's OK. Also remember to get some money from the guy who will disappear for the rest of the day so YOU can have a great day without him on his dime. DAMN I didn't do that.
  • People are probably reading this and saying to themselves "this girl is pissed!" and i want to applaud you all for recognizing that. FYI, I don't want to talk about this with anyone. Just here. It makes me feel better. ok?
  • WTF is a Brony? My little Brony? I still don't get it. and no the pictures aren't as funny as the cheezburger LOL cats. It makes absolutely no sense. stupid. 
  • I feel like this: (The following is Art by Sas Christian)
I can go on and on. I love this art.
  • Tomorrow we're going to a Giants game. Sort of changing my mind about wanting to go. Just don't feel like a game this week. I know, I like to wallow in my misery, it's part of what I do. Also, if I go, I'll probably NOT want to be around you know who. So what's the point? I'll probably go anyway because i like to be angry at public places too. This is gonna be a great week, people...gotta tell you that. Anyone have advice? bleh.
  • Trying to think of something good......OH well the garden was done and the flirtpole was made. I need to take the flirtpole to a bigger area, but nonetheless my dog is enjoying it and really controlling herself around the flirtpole. Makes you happy in a way to see such control. 
  • We bought a bee trap and a fly trap. I am convinced that Flies are dumb and think with their "noses" because we had many buzzing flies in the trap. Yellow Jackets and Wasps on the other hand are going to drive me insane. I want them dead. Sorry, I know there is some bee issue out there, but if you want them come and get them from my house. They land on the trap, walk around on it but don't go inside. The main purpose is for them to DIE or hey, stop coming around because you're not wanted. argh. I will find a way. I will...look what i found. How to get rid of things sounds like my most favorite place EVER! Ok. now that I can actually do. I will make this trap and tell you what happens. These bugs need to leave. 
So this ray of sunshine needs to get her butt in gear. Hopefully your monday is better than mine and know...just remember other people got crappier lives than you do...or even like mine is at this point in time. So chin up and onward. 

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