Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Riddance.

Listening to Greenday this early in the morning can guarantee deep sadness as you imagine your weekend over and life has ended, now you just have to wait a whole 5 days for it to come back and brighten up your life. Super sigh.
  • Indian food is amazing. I get so happy when i eat it. Maybe they put some drug in it that makes me want to tap dance after I'm done eating....Try the Chicken Maharaja....
My stomach growls just looking at it.
i want to travel and visit McDonalds all over the world. This looks rather interesting.....
  • So yesterday was the beginning of Shark week on the discovery channel and I actually had an "AWWWWW" moment. The guys on one of the shows saved a seal that had been bitten and released him closer to Seal Island. Wish I could give those guys a hug. So yeah, besides that, I don't think i'm ever going swimming in the Ocean. Only toes allowed. 
  • Our Couch is leaving tonight!!! So somehow we must get it out of the house. And I hope it happens before these lovely people come to get it. I do not want them to witness the hell I will go through if it's complicated...oh yeah there's no is complicated. We can't remember how it went in....So I'm just hoping it gets the fuck out of my you detect a bit of hostility??? yes...We tried once before to get it out, but the couch did not want to leave. I feel like this couch has tried to ruin my back since. When Bella and Gerry hang out on the couch and ofcourse there's no room for me, the couch looks at me like "HA, see this...I don't need you on me...I can do without you...." fucking're out tonight. So please send prayers my way that the couch is OUT before the 7:30 pick up. :)
  • People watching is fun. I was waiting for Gerry in the car and i saw a Geo Metro parallel park into a large space that could have fit two Geo Metros. The traffic building behind her was ridiculous. NO REASON to parallel park such a small car, just pull in idiot. The other thing I saw was a lady placing  a letter on someone's windshield. She came out of nowhere, the car had been parked there for a while, and she left. I was so tempted to go read the letter. Maybe that's her boyfriends car and she caught him cheating, she tells him to go to hell and that he'll find his things in a basement incinerator.  Or maybe it was her kid and she was telling them to come home as soon as possible. or maybe it was a grocery list. The suspense was killing me. I didn't do anything about it, because my balls aren't that ginormous. 
  • I get to see my awesome doc. My back made a stupid again. I've been doing the stretches, I've been walking, I've been taking care of myself. What the eff!! Just really frustrated with this whole thing and hopefully i can talk to my doc about that and some other stuff. Also need to make an appt with my is just peachy. OK ENOUGH WHINING.
  • You'll be so proud of me. There was nothing I wanted on Ideeli or Hautelook today. I get a gold star.
  • turn this up...rock out...k...

  •'s my most favorite breed of puppy....thought you'd like to see the cuteness and have an AWWWW moment of your very own..

hehe, ok that's a German Shepherd pup, that's either our next dog or...well it will probably be our next dog....i want one SOOOOO bad. 

Ok it's taking me far too long to write today, but I will be back tomorrow. Have a great as can be monday! 
hugs to ya.

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