Sunday, July 31, 2011

TV randomness

so i'm at home watching the tele. there are some strange shows on Sundays.
  1. Nick and bla bla getting married....ok this show is about Nick Lackey getting married...AGAIN. Did he not learn the first time that maybe publicizing your private life is NOT a good idea/??? Why did he agree to do this? I watched two seconds of it and changed the channel.
  2. Hello Sharkweek. Can we not play reruns of shows played during the rest of the year? Thanks.
  3. Texas Women. Interesting show, but many of these women don't have accents so I don't find it so Texas-y.
  4. Undateable. Probably a must see for all men. No we don't like your piano ties. 
  5. Just in case you missed your church service, you can watch it on TV. 
  6. Wilfred. Ok I can't wait to watch the non British version, because Elijah Wood is in it and well it looks funny.
  7. Insanity Workout...i think i'll pass on watching that. I don't want to watch a workout that may leave me insane.
  8. Susan Lucci has a pilates show...i just don't know what to say about that...
  9. Perkier Boobs! that's all i have to say about that.
  10. The Goonies!!! They're on TV!! My favorite movie, but all the curse words are bleeped out and I have it on tape, so I'll pass on watching it on TV.
  11. Am i the only person in America NOT interested in the Jersey Shore? I won't even click on it. 
  12. I gotta check out the US Farm report. Now that sounds like something that may be interesting or put me to sleep. 
ok now tv is boring...must be sunday,

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