Monday, July 18, 2011


Hola-phew let me put my things down, i know i'm late...(scurries to throw everything on my desk and catching my breath I begin to type....)
  • I have about 6 thousand songs on my ipod and I can't find anything to listen to. Sounds sorta familiar...I have tons of shoes and clothing and yet sometimes I have nothing to wear.  But today I'm in my bohemian stylee-hair in my face type of mood and yet I can't find anything besides Black eyed peas that's keeping me energized. pfft. oh well it will come to always does...
  • We had phase 2 of our yard sale and SOLD the bulk of the furniture! so stoked. We helped fill someone's empty apartment and we had an unused crib that a newly pregnant couple bought, a dresser that I was dreading would occupy our tiny courtyard for another week or two but was bought in the final hour. It was a yay day!
  • check out the bounce house! some cute cute pics on there!
  • Yankees are going home and will play the A's later this week....beat em again babies!
  • oh yes and don't even think I forgot all about the 3000 hit! 

  • here's some musica for you....
  •  So....Hautelook made a boooboooooo. I got the wrong item. I was sorta pissed. I called them and they said they didn't have anymore of the product that I actually wanted: That made me more pissed. Then they wanted me to return the item with a ups label and everything...flames developed at this point because I had no idea where the damn local UPS was. ok then i find the UPS place and it's only a little box drop off thingamajig...flames get bigger....then i realize the box isn't taped, so i have to go home tape it up and go back-i'm a little ok at this point because my doggy co pilot is happy....I get to the drop off box and the friggin box which IS NOT that big won't effing fit. i left it in there. fuck em. at this point there's like an explosion and stuff. I get back in the car and drive and see that bella is super duper happy about being out of the house. so i guess it was all worth it. OH I did not get any type of credit for their mistake or anything, just my money back. I do have to say with Ideeli when they run out of a product they do give you a credit and your money back. Hautelook may be faster on delivery, but ideeli has better service. 
  • Why? Rebecca Black is back? ugh. pukola. ofcourse i made it worse since i put it on here...but just I don't get it???? whatever happened to talented musicians????
  • I love smoothies. I officially am trying to stay away from Frosty's. I only had two this weekend, I swear! I am a simple smoothie person. Give me some strawberries, a banana, strawberry yogurt and a little ice. that's it. no juice, nothing extra. oh wait, i need a blender. 
  • My title for today's post goes out to one of my kitties-Keys. she's about 12-13 years old and I have to take her to the vet. She's lost lots of weight and she doesn't look too good. Seems like when it rains it drenches and soaks me to the bone. 
  • dinocorn has been busy on a world tour...he'll be back soon
as for me, i'm outtie five. have a good one and stay safe! muah!

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