Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy day!

Yes, wear your smiles all day long knowing that it's the end of the work week. At five o'clock you will be released like a caged animal and your second wind will overcome you and you will have endless amounts of energy you didn't have all the other days of the week because you knew you'd have to go in the following morning. AH I already feel relaxed...So what shall we do today....
  • I hate static cling. I got one of my new dresses and well unfortunately for little old me my house seems to have a lot of static and so does my work....sigh...
 ok, well now this is my fear...i'll be fixing my dress whenever I get out of my seat. That's Kim Kardashian's ass by the way. 
  • I'd like to currently rant that my Mozilla is NOT opening PDF's and now i have to fix the issue and I hate trying to fix things at work. That's what IT people are for right???? So for PDF's I have to use slow ass internet explorer. super sad face...
  • I am sitting here dancing in my seat to Beenie Man. Gots to love some good dancehall reggae. 
  • I hope tonight is Indian food night. Because I want it and it's delicious. 
  • Last night, Gerr made a great pizza. We did have some dough and space issues, aggravation, snappity snaps but all in all the pizza was amazing. :)
  • cuisinart on ideeli. sigh...
  • i really need to stop looking at things i can't afford. Did i tell you about the amazing couch i want? The one that will transform our livingroom to the most comfortable place on earth??? Which will also mean that simplicity will be gained finally!?? Well, it looks like we won't get it for another week or so, and it makes me very sad. where's that damn smiley?
  • Read about No Kill conference 2011 in Washington starting TODAY! look through the site, speakers and talks for the weekend. Wow, I would have loved to go to that. 
well gotta cut it short, but i'm sure i'll come back later because i'll have more to say and won't be so involved in other things. :)
p.s. i fixed my pdf problem...i love google.

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