Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Positive things for today.

Just a short list of things I am looking forward to for today or that have made me happy thus far.
  • Memphis took Bella for a walk this morning. He's my good friend. We're trying to help my pup out after pretty much being home for the last couple of months due to two surgeries (tail amputation and TPLO surgery). 
  • I get to take Bella out for a short walk after work. I need to work on my calm, assertive energy. Thanks Caesar Milan. 
  • Today's Allstar game which I will be watching AND supporting Derek Jeter! I have my new jersey and it's ready to be worn!
  • French Onion soup! I am making a meal for my friends! So accompanying it will be a chicken/bacon caesar salad and garlic bread. 
  • I am thankful for waking up to Gerrs face every morning. I'm thankful that Bella sneaks onto my side of the bed every morning.  Misfit was actually with the gang and sitting on the bed as well. Keys was on Gerry's side. Who knows where Fievel was. 
  • thankful my mother joined my blog. :)
  • Bella is getting her stitches out today
  • Thankful to the makers of Midol.
I know i'll think of more. I'll come back later.

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