Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stop that...

hmmph. I think i look cute today, but i usually don't wear dresses that show a lot of leg because some men keep looking at me. GRR. It's a dress, i've worn it before with leggings, now stop looking and making me feel uncomfortable. I have to say the dress isn't very sexy, it's just cute and simple. ok...i'll stop bitching.
  • ANOTHER page to make, another way to expose myself to the outside world???? Google Plus? I've officially gotten my first invite and I don't know what to do with it. I'm not very comfortable with putting my life out there anymore. Don't get me wrong, I was a myspace whore with many friends, thousands I didn't even know or talk to. It was cool then. I was single, I had a lower self esteem and needed to feel liked i guess. I never thought about people stealing my pics or the fact that I was letting out a lot of personal information to people who didn't even know me. Granted facebook isn't the same, but I hate it. It's an easy way to stay "friends" with people who aren't really your friends even though you know them in real life and can call them at a drop of a dime. Personally I feel that the friends I have who text me or call me are the ones that I really value and want in my life. Sure I'll pop on FB and check out the haps and maybe make some vague post, but that's the last place I will go and share any real news. I don't want sympathy or congratulations from people who can't visit or take the time to call-especially if I call them. wow that was a long rant. 
  • hehe...thank you livingsocial! I'll be taking my baby out to dinner tomorrow! Indian food!!!! YUMMMY. NAAAAAN!

  • whatever happened to Rainbow brite? 
this is what i remember her as....

this is what i see when i google her, i had no idea she grew up a bit....
usually cartoon characters never grow up....BUT that totally explains the slutty Rainbow brite costumes I keep seeing every halloween.
hmm rainbow brite WITH umbrellas? I don't get it...

  • sorry for the obnoxious pics...OOH maybe next year someone will think my little pony can be a slutty costume and we'll see a bunch of chicks with colorful wig-manes and stars on their butts. can you see it?
 HOLY CRAPOLA! I should definitely start collecting these toys again...LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!

Princess Leia

 Edward Scissorhands
Storm Trooper
 hope i get this right-Skeletor?

the joker
Lady Gaga
I think I found my new poison....Sorry didn't mean to overkill the page with pics, but HOW CUTE are these...I have to admit that at first I thought the Lady Gaga little pony was actually Miss Piggy. hahaha.
  • Had a good night last night. My sweetie and I went to Costco. It's funny that hanging out together at Costco can bring a couple together in so many ways.  We saw things we want for our first house together. We got snacks, beverages etc...I think we were there for a couple of hours. 
  • BioBags!! Ok, so the deal is we're composting for the county. Our garbage company is turning our compost into SOIL! I think it's pretty awesome and ofcourse I also work for the company so I'm officially allowed to say that. Well everyone knows that you need a bin or some type of bag to transfer all your yucky leftover food, egg shells, meat stuffs etc from house to outside bin-so we bought these Bio bags which are recommended by my company. (we bought these at Costco by the way) They're only 3 gallon bags, which remind me of Bella's poopoo bags. Ok the cool thing about these is they follow the ASTM D6400 :
The ASTM 6400 standard is the regulatory framework for the United States and sets a less stringent threshold of 60% biodegradation within 180 days, again within commercial composting conditions.

thank you Wikipedia. I tried looking elsewhere for something more specific. I did do a lot of reading the other day about this and jumbled up some info. So basically in the best circumstances these bags will decompose and "go away". check out the Biobag site!

well i'm going to shoo! have a great day peeps!

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