Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Listen to the song. It's a good morning song! LOL. who doesn't like a little punk rock in the morning.
  • Date night people!!! I have a date with my Gerr! Indian food and a movie, Captain America here we come.  Not sure if Indian food goes with popcorn and a movie so maybe we'll eat something else, but we're definitely goin out tonight!!! 
  •  You know what's depressing??? All these ideeli and hautelook travel deals that are STILL expensive. Ok maybe they're not so bad but is it just me that 300 bucks a night to stay in Fiji is still a bit much???? Not that I can go now, but it would be nice to be like "We can totally do that!" Humph....
  • Want the smartest kid on the block? Check out doggonesafe blog This website promotes dog behavior education and prevention of dog bites for children (and adults). This blog has a lot of info! And also on their website they have games for kids to play with important questions that even I got wrong. Truly amazing blog and site. They also have a quiz here that will test your knowledge about dog behavior. I got 50% right, I would have gotten 60% if i hadn't clicked whatever Gerr said when he was joking....But still not perfect. It is a download but i tried it and nothing happened to my computer, so it's ok. Really this is a great site. And will all the media craziness it's time that us as adults learn these valuable tools to protect our furry friends AND our children. 
  • Relationship advice-not that i'm one to really give any, but sometimes I do have some wisdom. Communicate....especially when you feel confident something is off in your relationship. Sometimes we women are pretty emotional and we have to wait awhile to see if things we are seeing are just due to  hormones or happenstance or it's just a "bad day". If things just tend to stay stale for a while, communicate with your significant other about the importance of NOT letting your relationship become stale. I describe stale as the same old same old OR living like roommates. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just don't have the time to do things you'd like to do with the other, but funny how the smallest things like going to look at a couch can count as quality time. 
  • Imagine if they had bring your spouse to work day....that would be sorta neat, for like an hour. After that it would just be like, get out of my way you're distracting me. Although you may get some action in the bathroom, stockroom..etc...I'd rather celebrate bring your dog to work day, although i think it would be really distracting if everyone brought their dog on the same day, so maybe it should be bring your dog to work month depending on the number of employees, that way everyone has a turn.
  • I am not a fan of twitter. Yet I keep seeing all of these friggin freebie things where i have to tweet how much i love jetblue or target and get free stuff. Fuck Twitter. Sorry for all of those twitter people, but that just doesn't seem fair that I would have to tweet something in order to get something for free. Whatever happened to just entering a sweepstakes with your email or your address or some crap. 
  • oh my car is better. it must have had the 24 hour flu, because nothing was wrong with it. shrug. 
  • sniff sniff....i want this dress....but it's not in my size.....i am soooo sad...
google jessica howard dresses. They are timeless.
  • i made some chicken apple sausage the other day and i brought some to munch on i'm the one who created that invigorating scent of delicious meat air. HAHAHAHA! payback. 
i think that's all for today folks. check back in tomorrow!!! be safe! 

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