Friday, July 22, 2011

I wanna be in another place....

like not at work. Maybe still sleeping cuddling with my pup and spending a whole day with Keys, my sick kitty, force feeding her smelly wet food. She's eaten a bit, but still doesn't look too good. I have a vet appt after work, so we'll see what happens. I'm pretty much ready for the worst. Well lets get on with it...
  • Pet Stores with Puppies. NO Thanks. This email was in my inbox this morning from the ASPCA and I can't agree more. Please people-do NOT buy animals from pet stores. Most of the time these animals come from puppy mills, are inbred and have MANY health issues. Don't put yourself through that. 
  • speaking of animals...Miss Bella is becoming a little bossy. Time for retraining and this should be fun. Actually i had a good walk last night with her-I didn't give her any praise. Just walked, looked forward and kept going even when she tried to sniff. She's become so reactive, looking around, wanting to sniff this and that. At first I thought it was because she had been home bound because of her surgeries and i let her sniff around. But now its time to toughen up. I can't wait until i can get her to walk without going coocoo that there's another dog walking on the other side of the street or bark because some other dog barked. She used to be great, and i know she has it in her. So retrain, retrain, retrain. ooh look what i found on idlewildkennels reading this and taking it to heart. Can't wait!
  • woot woot free lunch today! i haven't had meat in a couple of days sooooo HOWDY HO cheeseburger!!! good thing too, because i'm a little light headed and that stupid headache is back.
  •  Headaches...what the hell are they? and what does each ache on your temple, the back of your head, behind your eyes, what do they mean? what are they telling you???? everything you need to know about headaches, migraines can be found on this I linked stuff about migraines. But you can find a lot of info on there. Personally my migraines have ceased after taking my depakote so that's awesome. I think i have some allergy headache which is annoying. 
  • One of my favorite things to collect (well sort of, I only have 4 or 5) are Barbies...Let's look at some cool ones, shall we?

oh my i have to have a 40's Barbie!!!!

? i dunno????
  • ofcourse I stumble on to this blog which is pretty cool, mentioned Hello Kitty Zombies. How cool is that?!!! PS. above is Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie..

  • Forgive me for being so naughty and not sharing some salad fingers in a while....

And ahoy one of the best bands in the world...

have a great day!!!!

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