Monday, July 25, 2011

July could pretty much end now....

and i wouldn't care one bit. It has been a hard month and I'd really like to just go forward and hope for better days. So let's see what we can find on the interwebs that can make us more cheery.
  • ok...go to pretty damn cute. it's a blog about the cutest things on the web. that made me grin. lol. even subscribing to their blog is cute...they tell you it's time to take your happy pill! lol. 
  • OH MY GOLLY! ok you need to go here. think 30 seconds, animated bunnies, and popular movies...NOW GO! HI-larious. 
  • these garlic pita chips are pretty damn good at 10:15 am. My coworker bought them at her local farmers market. I may need to hide them from myself. Is that possible?
  • animals are darn cute. Animals falling asleep EVEN cuter!! check out a blog all about animals falling asleep. giggles!!
  • According to Science and Yes magazine there are ten things that will make us happy. Read all about it
    here. let's see i have to do #2 and I could do #10 more. 
here's a smile for you....
  •  According to my Google search for happy things,  Andy Bath's blog about Burgers being happy things made me chuckle, unfortunately it was a sad case since he got a crappy burger in the end. lol.
  • HAHAHA...ok this one is good I know, I know...sounds evil, but really it's pretty cute. And it will make you laugh. 
  • i have run out of ideas for dinocorn...let's give it a little break and I'll think of more he can do. I never thought i'd have drawers block.

Nope this isn't a famous's a kids drawing. This is by a 7 year old...if only i can draw or watercolor like that. it's beautiful.

let's end the blog with some oldies...

thanks all, have a great day!

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