Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rest in Peace Keys.

Yesterday was a hard day. I put down my 12 year old kitty, Keys. According to the vet the sores in her mouth were secondary to the kidney failure and probably rectal failure (sorry i'm spacing out on correct terms). My poor kitty had probably started shutting down months ago and then within weeks she began deteriorating and that's when we noticed.
I got Keys in 1998. The ad in the paper said something about kittens for sale "little black and white cows" was the description. I drove out to the country to pick her out of her brothers and sisters and paid ten bucks. I think it took about a week to figure out her name. She loved it when i made believe i was playing the piano and I thought, "AHA!" her name is Keys, just like piano keys, little did i know that this feline was going to develop a musical interest, which ultimately was me. I used to sing in a band and sing in the the car....anywhere really. When i would sing along to anything Keys would appear and sit wherever i was sitting and rub herself against my leg, arm, head...etc...It was definitely a very interesting personality trait on her part and I'm glad i could serenade her and make her happy.
Keys and her "brother" (not from the same litter) Fievel have moved with me over and over and over again. They've always been indoor/outdoor cats and never once have they been lost or missing. Wherever we moved to they were right by my side. I don't think I could ever be luckier when it comes to these kitties.
I know to some people these are just cats, but really they're not. They've been there for me more than any human and I am happy to know that I did a good job with both of them.
I was really sad yesterday. I stroked her head as the procedure took place, I was surrounded by Gerry, Melinda and Natalie. I felt a positive energy grounding me to the acceptance that this was the best I could do for her. I would not let her disentegrate and die naturally, tormenting her day in and day out. I did what I needed to do and even though it made me so sad to see her go, I was very happy that she could be the happy kitty in heaven that she was when she was here when she was healthy.
Rest in Peace sweet Keys. I love you and I'll see you later.

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Mamichachi said...

I am very sorry for your loss, sweetie. RIP dear Keys and thank you for being such a great kitty.