Thursday, February 16, 2012

ahhh, it's thursday! which means payday, which means one more day CLOSER to the weekend. ahhhh. Already spent a little more than half of my paycheck on paying some bills, I feel accomplished. I also feel like i can't buy anything for a loooooong time. I need to pay off my credit card bill, especially if i want to buy a house next year...Why do i get all scared just at the thought of that???? it's a good scary feeling for sure, because the space we live in now is TINY! sigh...
  • There are some really cute Sue Wong dresses on Ideeli. Some have feathers and stuff and wouldn't be my thing, but the other ones are pretty cute. The last couple of days i've spilled coffee on myself and I don't know how to clean feathers.....i'd probably ruin the dress.  There are other very pretty dresses on there...but I DO NOT SHOP!!! And yeah for all Alexander McQueen fans-sunglasses are on sale too!

 tell me these aren't super cute??? 90 bucks...Beverly Feldman.
  • Ack my neck is sore...I wonder if that's a good thing. I mean no shooting pains right now. A bit stiff and feels like i have a kink or something....maybe i'm at the end of this pinched nerve journey????
  • Ok my pants are too tight. and yes if i were wearing a tight shirt I would have a muffin top. My butt looks great in these jeans (i bought them off ideeli) but for some reason, the waist is effing tight. fits perfect EVERYWHERE. Why don't they make consistent sizes???? why????? Well I'm wearing them and dealing with it. Also i've covered the top area so you can't tell there's any muffinness going on. hahaha
  • You are so in luck that I go on to these websites....Betsey Johnson on Hautelook!!! SHOES SHOES SHOES! i really should just say SHOE ALERT!! If I wore pumps-which i don't because they slip off when i walk, I would wear them all! not at the same time because I'm not an octopus. 
 i would wear these (size 9)
Bearpaw is also being featured and i'm not a big fan of UGG anything and i completely understand that these types of shoes are comfy, but these????
I find it scary that these are sold out.
There are some pretty cute things on Hautelook today, you should ch ch checkitout!

 ok i'll stop....
  • I'm beginning to thing that Gov Jerry Brown has his head on backwards. Yes lets close California State Parks to save money. the fuck are you going to to close a state park? And are you aware how many people visit state parks? In the San Francisco area we are bombarded with tourists. Many of these tourists rent bicycles and ride to nearby parks in the Marin County area and San Francisco. THIS GENERATES MONEY!!! Someone knock him off his rocker and tie him down. His stupid idea about changing Hayden's law and protecting animals entering shelters, makes me very very angry.
  • Alright add this link to your new favorites! The animal rescue site. click the --click here to feed an animal--and it's easy shmeezy, no pop do it, every day. k? Also I may want to add Bella into the World Spay contest. I'm thinking the Bella on the board pic...but ack, i'm not sure...she's just too cute. i love the one where she's surrounded by fuzz, looks like she's in the clouds...i'll have to think about it for sure. To enter your pet click here
Alright y'all! Have a great thursday! I have lots to do!!!

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