Thursday, December 1, 2011

San Francisco, the official buzz kill City.

Yup, i said it. lol
  • Welcome to San Francisco. Please do not visit any McDonalds with your children because we are robbing them of their happy meal toys, because YOU, as parents, do not know how to control your kids eating habits. Some people love to blame corporations rather than lay the blame on the people who really have control over issues such as obesity.  This city has done the dumbest thing ever, oh wait beside the whole banning circumcision thing....Really San Francisico if you're so liberal and cool, please let the people choose whether they want their kids to be fat and circumcised. What business is it of yours if the family goes to McDonalds and orders a Happy meal with a toy??? Dumbasses of the day. wow they have a whole site for state's stupid laws, check out more of San Francisco's stupid laws and while you're at it search for your own.
  • Listening to Christmas's the first day of December and I'm getting nutty!! Also CBS begins it's 25 days of Christmas, with a Christmas movie every night until C Day!! Probably a whole bunch of crappy lifetime wannabe movies, but they'll probably play some good ones on the weekends!
  • For the first time ever, I have a business card. I feel like a grown up. wowzers...never thought that would happen...seriously..
  • Ok so 4 weeks until Christmas. My list for this weekend includes:taking a picture with Santa-which i do every year and i don't give a crap that i'm 34- get some christmas cards, and send email invites to the Christmas party.  i do want to go to Union Square, so maybe i can convince the boyfriend to take me to see the TREEEEE!
  • Now i'm ticked. I missed the lighting ceremony for the Rockefeller Center Tree. How sad is that?
  • ooh i found a cool new website for NYC, a cool travel guide. Now i lived there for 14 years since birth, but i have yet to really experience all of Manhattan. I can't wait to look through this website before i go visit!
  • Must see Christmas movies: Love Actually, the Grinch stole Christmas (Jim Carrey), Miracle on 34th St (old version), any and all of the claymation movies-Frosty, Rudolph etc....i can't wait for xmas movies!
  • Because dressing cats in Christmas outfits is always funny here are your christmas pics for the day:
ok that last one is awesome...hahaha you may need to click on it for the bigger picture. it's too good. lol
  • Well i must leave you my friends. Have a great first day of December!!!

P.S. Check here to see exactly where we're at for the Christmas Countdown.

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