Monday, December 5, 2011

19 days until Christmas eve!!!

AND 16 days until my vacation! I'M stoked!!!!
  • what a crappy ass morning! My computer is running like complete ass and I cannot type. 
  • I was sick yesterday. sort of still a little sick today, but i'm ok. I felt like i was lightly hit by at truck....bleh...i have this achy headache. poooooooooooooooooooo. I'm already starting to feel tired.
  • LOL. i giggled this morning as i read this piece on Gloss about the Thighmaster as a christmas present. Basically, men don't do it. If you want to see what this lady recommends, go here.. what will you find here??? Well pretty and unique jewelry. like this...
what girl doesn't want to wear a barbie house on her finger??? if anything it's pretty damn cute. lol.
  • I don't think we're going to the Nutcracker. I'm pretty sure no tickets have been bought and I am sure that Gerry's on another planet. Love him dearly and I really shouldn't give him any shit. Maybe i should just buy them.....
  • Didn't see Santa this weekend. Hopefully going today. We need to buy Christmas Cards too. 
  • Got the invites sent out for the Holiday party. Still have a couple of people to ask who don't have FB-Can you believe it, i actually used the debil to help me send invites-ick. So far 10 people. 
  • Good idea if you're throwing a party for Adults and kids are invited-Kids get special presents. Like a gift bag filled with candy, little toys etc... This also helps the kids be busy with playing with something interesting when they start getting bored.
  • If interested, Forever 21 has a massive online sale and ofcourse in the store. There are maternity items too.Forever 21 sale! I can't go on it, because i went shopping at their store for Black Friday and cannot spend anymore money on myself. :)
  • Gerry and i had a great night on Friday. We checked out Tupelo in San Francisco and enjoyed a fabulous burger and the most delicious brie Mac ever!!! I may have to try to make it for a dinner party one day! We went down to Union Square and smack our hands we forgot our cameras! Oh well...hopefully we'll be back, because we just felt wonderful down there. We played in Macy's where i saw the ring.... the ring is on sale...the ring is at an outrageous price. i hate when the ring does that and i can't buy the beautiful thing for myself, because that would be wrong (as i write that i'm making that mocky face where i'm really upset i can't just buy the damn thing because it's pretty-stupid traditions)
  • Why do people use Cap locks when answering emails? why are you yelling at me??? Do you not know what that means???? I feel like someone needs to send a mass email about email ettiquette. dammit. 
  • I'm officially unhappy. I'm cold. it's taken me forever to write all of this today and it's filled with nada for you. Sorry everyone, just feeling out of it today. Whatever it is I have, i'm still cursed with it. Atleast I'm upright. Have a great rest of the day.....

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