Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tell me you don't think this is funny or cute and i'll kick you.
Can you believe it 9 more days??? I am so excited!!!
I love paying bills sometimes...ok let's get on with the show.....
  • HOLY Deals people! Google offers right now has a deal for a kirkwood ski lift ticket. only 39 bucks! 
  • I want something that's NOT soup for lunch. I want a giant cheeseburger....OR a cheesesteak. sigh. i probably will just eat my soup. Tomorrow is a Christmas Lunch at work...
  • Finished "The Help", very very good. I am hoping does the book justice. 
  • Yawn. I'm out of it and it's Thursday. 
  • What's going on this weekend? Food shopping, last minute gift buying and THE SAN RAFAEL BOAT PARADE!!! time to bundle up, get some hot chocolate and wave at all the boats going by in the canal! Awesome. 
having many stupidity leaks at on to the pictures...let's look at pictures of Christmas Boat Parades:

 I have a horrible headache. Enjoy the pics and we'll catch up tomorrow!

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