Friday, December 16, 2011


HURRY HURRY HURRY! Ok don't hurry too fast, more like make the weekend last longer than these work weeks. Can you believe it NEXT weekend????
  • I have a total count of 15 people coming to the party so far-makes for a party! There are so many rules!!! I'm pretty much making 3 per person per type of appetizer and now i'm worried i don't have enough...There will be dip and stuff like that so I think people should be satisfied... Thank you Food and Wine for all these rules...
  • I'm temped to join Sole Society. This site may not be a good idea. holy moly. There are these beautiful red patent leather shoes and these polka dot booties...holy crap, why did i sign up??? Come on people make me feel better and sign up ok! here's my invite: so click and join. Jacky invite. hehehe. shooooes. 
  • Google Offers has a Toys R Us sale 50% off online sale- $10 for $20 spent online! 
  • wow it's taken me all day to get this far. Eating lunch at my desk right now. wowzers.
  • I dont usually drink Coca Cola, but I love that they're helping out the Polar Bears. Read this and more at the site You'll read about the stupidity of the consumer "Where are my red coca cola cans?" to the actual Good Coca Cola is doing. I have to say "right on" because if you're going to use a polar bear in your commercials and that's gonna be your "thing" I would hope you'd help the species. According to this article the Polar Bears don't need saving according to WWF and maybe not, but i still think if you're going to use them as your mascot, you better stand by them. 

  • Yesterday was a strange day. I ate some nuts and wasn't hungry till about 6. Today I got hungry at my normal 11:30 and lucky us we had a huge company lunch. I had a salad. I am stuffed. i think it's because i had some soda. I don't drink soda, but i figured heck it's a party, i'll go crazy!!! i haven't even eaten the rest of the food. phew. the salad was amazing.......
  • CRAZY picture time...
 Funny Family Christmas pictures!

ONE MORE WEEK! Get your shopping done!!! Talk to you soooooon!

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