Monday, December 12, 2011


I can feel the excitement in my body and it just wants to RUSH out of me!!! YAHOOOO!  We're going to dinner Chistmas eve and maybe, most likely meeting up with our friends after to see the lights. As with every year, we go to late night Mass, come home, stay up late maybe open one present and go to sleep  just to wake up to PRESENTS! I CANNOT wait! hehehe. i'm such a kid at heart...
  • Pole dancing lessons on Living Social in the Oakland area.....not sure if i want to go there for anything. I value my life. 
  • Any food with the name Pho, does not sound appealing. I think it's because pho in spanish translates to stinky. 
  • I've sent you here before the link takes you to some have got to see these kittens...I now want kittens....gimme kittens....abra cadabra
bonus kittens and puppies..
  • My AM Spanish speaking abilities are limited. Seriously tried speaking to someone in Spanish and i sounded like an idiot. UGH. I need to get a kids book or something and relearn my language. 
  • And the local forecast says:am showers and rain on Thursday the rest of the week looks Sunny in the 50's. boo. I know, I know. Not trying to sound bah humbug about it, but i like change in the weather. Makes me feel normal. 
  • Sent my Christmas Cards this morning. I have a package to send at lunch and it will be so much fun to stand in line at the post office.
  • Thanks to a friend of mine, I got to borrow, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. So far, very good book and I got to page 100 last night at 11:20 and made myself put the damn book down. I love books I can't put down. :)
  • Yesterday I made TWO soups for my lunches this week. I technically made a third soup, more of a stew but that was for dinner. People of America, if you have leftovers during the week save them. Get yourself some STOCK, broth is ok, but chicken stock sometimes helps with flavor more than broth and create a soup. It's not hard. It's the easiest thing in the world. Put stock in pot, let it boil a little, put leftovers in, let it boil. taste to see if it needs anything-Don't add salt, add salt when you're about to eat it. Add some pepper if need be. but voila you got soup. :) Oh do you want to know what kind of soups I made? One is from the leftover Rice a Roni Broccoli Au gratin and i put some of the left over chicken in there-great color soup by the way. The other was a beef rice a roni left over and to that one I added Beef Broth(didn't have stock) and lots of mixed veggies-a dab of A-1 sauce made it a little tastier.
  • Looks like i'm catching up with all of you, since I neglected y'all last week.
  • Any New Year's Resolutions for Next Year? I hate people who say, I don't believe in Resolutions bla bla bla...It's good to find some time in the year to focus on a change to be a better you. Maybe this day is more "trendy" but at least it give you a reason. For me? I want this year to be more spontaneous. I'd like Gerry and I to be able to go somewhere and have a weekend away. Or go camping like we used to. Drive up to Tahoe on the busiest weekend of the year and pray that we get a site! lol. that weekend was awesome AND we got to take Bella.  I want more of that next year. This year was a busy work year. Time to enjoy the life we're given with the person we love. 
  • Alright funny Christmas pictures and then I'm out. Have a wonderful day and i'll check back with ya tomorrow.

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