Wednesday, December 7, 2011

17 more days until Christmas Eve!!!

Heck Yeah...But I just realized I forgot to get my Dad a present. Probably gonna have to be a card and a gift card....He and I aren't very close....
  • I also have to get something for my Grandmother. I look all year round for something that says "Grandma" not like a shirt but symbolically of course...I think I may give her the gift of music...Some CD's and I just don't know....i feel mother is easy to shop for....sigh...i need to send the presents this weekend!
  • I'll be donating to this cause. Help pay down this vet bill!! Ringworm pups need your help!
  • I've actually began donating money this year. Not much, since for the most part i'm poor. But i realized that sometimes the things you love most in this world and believe in wholeheartedly need help. I may not have the time or the facilities close by, but i can definitely help 10 bucks here and there. Hopefully Santa, Jesus and the talking Walnut will think i've been a good girl...
not sure if this is the scene that has the talking walnut comment. 
  • I'm absolutely certain no tickets have been bought for the Nutcracker. I'm pretty sad when Christmas experiences I truly was looking forward to fall on deaf ears. That's why I'm taking it into my own hands and buying tickets now. 
  • My partner has been sort of absent mentally this Christmas time so far, we had a good time in the city last week, but he's been pretty much burying his head in the sand, i think, waiting patiently for the season to be over. Shrug...what am i supposed to do?...This is my favorite holiday, I really can't let him ruin it. wait. I don't want to go to the Nutcracker. He's officially ruined thank his thoughtlessness. Thankfully I have a Christmas Party that I am planning and HE can't ruin.
  • I really can't blame him for much. He's got zero romance in him....He once bought tickets to Swan Lake because it was someone else's favorite ballet. I was happy but hmm. was fun though. 
  • ooh, bank account looks sad. Good thing I get paid tomorrow. 

 alright everyone. Have a great night! It's getting closer and closer to Christmas EVE!! My favorite day of the year, along with Christmas Day too, it's just the anticipation and happiness that the special hour is almost here...well you know..we all feel it! Have a good day everyone!

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