Friday, December 9, 2011

15 More days until Christmas EVE!

My anxiety is killing me! lol. 15 more days..I have to send out gifts tomorrow to my mom and Grandma! which reminds me I need to find a box!
  • Tomorrow Bay Areans: Santacon!!! The link includes all the times and events on this wondrous of days! I want to go!!! It would be super fun and there's dancing with DJ's! WE have a lot to do this weekend, but i'm hoping we can squeeze this in!
  • Livingsocial is awesome! Well if you read my blog you would already know that. They have such great deals right now. There's a flight lesson for 99 buckaroos! I'm tempted to buy Gerry another one and give it to him later, but nah...i can't spoil him that much....
  • So, how are those New Years plans? I love that there are two holidays together, but for me it's like you don't have time to shop around because Xmas ends and New Years plans begin and then're so tired from the first holiday that the second just winds up being slept away....sad. 
  • Just approached my work about the Art program i have in mind for our company. Not that I would head it, because I am way tooooo busy. BUT hehehe. it's an amazing idea.... :)
  • Warning shoppers Forever 21 sale, Alloy sale...etc....etc.....
  • I am sort of upset with Best Buy and their new Christmas commercials. STOP ATTACKING SANTA CLAUS! What is with you people. there are kids that watch your commercials. There are people who actually still believe in Santa or atleast interpret Santa Claus as a frame of mind during the holidays-being giving, jolly, kind to eachother, I haven't bought anything from your store and probably won't because of your dumb ass commercials. 
  • Here are some funny santa's!
this would be Gerry's favorite santa.

hehe...speaking of SantaCon!

 Sorry so short...but i'm a busy gal!!! have a wonderful day!

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