Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let me Rant a little

  • My hair sucks. LOL. My bangs have already grown and i need them cut a little. ugh. 
  • I am never calling the SF 49ers AGAIN! i was on hold for 20 minutes and NO ONE answered the phone. It's for work so don't be thinking i can somehow afford season tickets or anything. But still an organization like that should have better response time. 
  • Yesterday was one of the biggest waste of times for me. I dealt with something that stressed me out the ENTIRE day. Even when it was resolved it didn't really help that it wasn't really over, because somehow i have time to "fix" everything in the next few days. Sigh. Sometimes I think it's easy for other people to assume that you have magic spewing out of your fingertips and can make roses pop out of your anus. 
  • My goal for today is to clean up the crap on my desk. I have a mountain and it looks terrible. I seriously want to start screaming.
  • oh Blogger. Yesterday i tried to save the post i was working on. But you fucked up. I hate you sometimes. 
  • Now on for something jolly.
I'm pretty sure the day is just gonna get worse. lol. I want to hide. But instead I will share with you more cute animals in hats.
Pretty much how i feel today...
I feel evil. i'm enjoying this....
This really may be an elf.
AWWWWW. i think this donkey looks adorable.
  • I have to make my cheesecake tonight. Should keep me busy. ACK what's for dinner people? I hate to say it, but it may have to be leftovers! we've got pasta and maybe i'll do some beef thingy. it's not gonna be fancy. lol. Well i could make it fancy. I'll use chicken breast, season it nicely-maybe marinate it in italian spices, olive oil and some vinegar. Then i'll slice it up, stir fry it, add some mushrooms and let them get to know eachother, fry the pasta with a little more sauce, add a tiny bit of cream and some parm. yeah i can make it fancy...
  • One of the dogs from the Michael Vick bust that had become a therapy dog in the Bay Area has passed away due to natural causes. Leo, you were truly a hero and definitely a representative of your breed, reminding us that your breed is a working dog and needs to be used to your full potential because you can and will perform miracles. hugs and scratches to you Leo. 
Well that's all for today folks. 4 more days until Christmas eve and the anticipation is killing me! HAHAHA. Have a better day than mine. lol.

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