Friday, December 2, 2011

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's WARM! really warm. :( not happy. i mean sure i'm happy, but not really. This is the type of weather one wants to see in the summer, not late Fall. super sulky sigh. I think a drive to the snow would be real nice, although i fear there is no snow up in the mountains.
  • I am thrilled with Not only do they tell me i'm good looking when i open their email, they also tell me of all the cool happenings in the city. Ofcourse my link is for San Fran, but you can see if they have a thrillist for your town. One thing  I would add is to include some happenings that do not revolve around getting drunk. I love food, entertainment and comedy, but i'm kind of over the drinking to get drunk thing. check out the link. I'm thinking I need to go to North Beach this weekend and indulge in a bacon Cheeseburger from Tupelo's, where they'll also have live entertainment. I think this is gonna be the place to be!
  • Have you ever gone through something and then seen someone else go through the same thing and lucky you, you got past it and things turned out ok, but it's because you are more calm and your partner is calm too, and then you look at the other people and go ugh...because you just want to kick the person in the head to make them snap out of whatever is creating a downward spiral??? ok...yeah...
  • i chuckled at a deal today. it said Lasik Surgery for BOTH eyes. well i would hope so. As i write this though i realize that some people my have one bad idea and the other one perfectly normal....well whatever it was still funny.
  • Yes!! Monday Dec 5. Clown Pageant. uh huh. look it up Bay Areans.
  • I take pictures with Santa every year. I just saw that on SF fun cheap they have a free photo op with a DRUNK santa! HELLS YEAH!!! I think i may be the only one of my friends who is excited about this....
  • By the way if you haven't been shopping on Ideeli and/or hautelook BEFORE December, then don't. you'll get your packages late, unless they guarantee shipping before the 15th, i wouldn't bother. Really, if you haven't then you've missed a lot of good deals-which is too bad for you. 
  • Yahoo has released their top ten worst fashion trends for 2011 and the only one i won't agree with are the bootie wedges. I guess i haven't seen any ugly clunky ones. I just bought a pair and with the mini i was wearing about a week ago, i gotta say I looked pretty darn cute. Now the harem pants and all that other crap yeah, pretty right on. 
  • I can't even go on to those websites above because i see so many things i want. MUST SAVE after Christmas!
  • Alright DAY 2 of the Xmas Countdown! let's laugh at other people's expense:

 And that's all i wrote! lol. Have a great weekend and try to do something Christmassy!

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