Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hehe 11 More days until Christmas EVE!!!

I'm actually happy as I come in to work. I say GOOD MORNING, with  a big bright smile! I start my mini vacation on the first day of Winter and I'm looking forward to it. I know it's just a week, but heck a week is a lot for me!
  • Even though I am jubilant, filled with Holiday Glee, etc...I am convinced I'm finally getting old. My hips need major cracking in the am and the white hairs in my head seem to be growing faster than I can dye them. I also feel like i'm losing my hair. Maybe this is anxiety or what not, since 35 is just around the corner, but seriously the stress about worrying whether or not I'm getting old too fast is keeping me up at night. bleh.
  • What is this Global Winter Wonderland Bay Area? I have never heard of this place and I'm not sure what it's all about. I guess it has to do with different cultures celebrating Christmas. might be a good thing to check out if you're close by. 
  • Ok. I'm in love with I just don't go on it very often because I swear I'd call all the numbers to get all the puppies and the kitties into my home, where i'll become some crazy hoarder and have my own TV show or something. I love their holiday gift guide and the GPS idea is making me wonder about one of my cats and his travels....
  • OH cuisinart why oh why must you be on sale on
  • The Nook by Barnes and Noble is also on sale on ideeli. check it out good price and one of the deals comes with 30 Ebooks...
  • So i have to get menu for the party down pat. It's really hard. I love hors d'oeuvres. Lucky for me i have a couple of friends making some stuff so I don't have to go too coocoo. Just need enough counterspace for everything....
  • i have forgotten everything i needed to write today. so so are some Christmas Amusements....

 yup...this was on my search...thought you'd enjoy it.

 there you have it for today. Have a great day!!!

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