Monday, October 1, 2012

Good Day Chaps....

Well that weekend was pretty entertainment-free...not that it was boring or lame or anything like that, just well...felt like i didn't enjoy it enough...oh well...I'm sure another weekend will come along. let's get on with it shall we?
  • Gerry's birthday is officially in 13 days. I have no idea what to get him. holy crap. I've noticed he's been looking at watches, but i don't know what he wants in a's like buying jewelry for someone; unless you specifically point to something and say "that one" then it's like i could buy any silvery, shiny watch and maybe it would be ok, but you know it's not exactly what he wants...OY! ACK I think i know what i'm going to get him and it's on the MLB website..... :) Crap, i'll need him to pick out what he wants...he wants a Giants Sweater or Jacket...well we can't all be surprised on our birthdays.
  • my ring collection is getting out of control!....BUT I LIKE IT! I open up my jewelry box in the morning and i'm like hnmmmmm...what ring should i wear today. Here's today's ring:
I got this one off Amazon. it's starfish and sea anemones. it's pretty darn cute.
  • Finally got bored of SALADS! It's officially fall, we're sorta having a heat wave and i'm yearning for soup. I desire chicken and rice and lentils and i made it, so i'm-a-gonna eat it...Anyone else desiring fall foods? I love salads, but i guess i just need to take a break. 
 Last week i was talking to y'all about sites i like and get emails from. So here are some more!

Opentable-the best and the easiest way to get reservations on the web. Also they offer points for free dinners if you use them. HELL yeah!. i love this site so much that i use it on my cell. I'm not one of those people that puts a bunch of apps on their cell, that's what i have a tablet for. 
rue la la-Everyone welcome this newbie. Some prices seem high, but it all depends on the designer or company. Cuisinart Contour  13 piece cookware set (exactly what i want, clear lids and stainless steel) 149.90. Amazon sells it for 199.99, so does Bed, Bath and Beyond...So cool site. Ladies they have wedding dresses on sale by Ann Taylor! The other cool thing. You pay for shipping ONCE...each month. So if you buy one item today they'll charge you for shipping, but if you buy another item next week then they don't!!! awesome. (and yes this means i'm getting new pots and pans)
Fancy-it reminds me of pinterest or wanelo, except they're sending you the price and the link to go buy said items (which wanelo does). You can sign up for the fancybox subscription as well (which would be the difference between pinterest and wanelo)...I may try it for a month, but first let me receive the other subscription boxes. It's a pretty neat site though. 
Zillow-I absolutely love this site. Great information about homes in your area when you're looking to buy. Past prices are listed, property taxes and they email you important things you need to know about buying a house. I really do love this site.
Bloomspot-i kinda get really good deals here,'s like livingsocial, except not...since it has it's own name.. :) 
WSPA-stands for World Society for the Protection of Animals. They ask for donations, they alert you to the goings on around the world. I'm an animal fanatic so I belong to animal organizations.
Baby girl Boutique-sweet deals and coupons for cool items on their site. Right now you can find some great costumes! They have great retro items too. happy and cute images in your inbox and heartwarming stories to make you appreciate people and animals? then subscribe and find yourself fowarding the email to your friends...seriously, so much cuteness!

PAWSITIVE Dog Story! hehe, see what i did there???
Hi this is a cute story about a fire department and the men who saved a staffie mix in Florida. They took her in and have given her a home at their Fire Station. So she's got like 12 daddy's and isi spoiled rotten. They found her tied up to a tree with no water or food and a muzzle. Someone left her to die. These men are heroes everyday to humans and animals but their kind hearts took in this lonely animal who could have wound up in a shelter and maybe even euthanized. These men saved her life. Thank you. Read more about it at

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