Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tiger Tuesday-Everybody say ROOAR!

Yeah so the title makes no sense, but hopefully you've expected that from me since my blog doesn't follow any type of sorta does i guess, but really it makes sense in  my own mind.

On my mind right now...Pinch collars. I may try one. As i read about them, i'm finding that these are only used as a training tool and should be used a couple of times. I can deal with that. Maybe Bella will understand that it's time to learn now. I'm so confused. I don't even know who to ask about this. My boss uses it with her Corgi. Would it be so bad to use it only when I'm training her? My goal is to be able to get Bella so calm and focused on me that she knows I will be there for her. She doesn't need to get all coocoo when she sees a dog in a car. Yesterday i took her on a walk and i didn't see one. I let go of my anxiety and was like "ok here we go." Normally i take her to other areas with no dogs. Now i'm looking for dogs in cars, which i know will only help us practice. If anyone has arguments for or against pinch collars please comment below or message me. I just want to do what's right for my dog. Remember, she wasn't like this before she got attacked by a Golden Retriever.

Got my Cuisinart Pots and Pans yesterday!!! They are so beautiful and shiny, I don't even want to use them, i just want to look at them! I'm in love. Not included is one of those giant frying pans, which i'm sure is sold separately, but the whole set is awesome and i got it at such a great price. Thanks Rue La La!

 hmmm livingsocial had a deal for a dog trainer across the bay....I wonder if i should call him....

tired of my weather app on my phone saying it's going to rain. The cloudless sky is telling me something different. 

This Fall the color you want is Oxblood. It's sexy.

Last night I made Yorkshire Chicken. I had no idea what this was supposed to look like or taste like. BUT it was so GOOD! I'm trying to step outside of the box and take recipes from cookbooks that i've bought. Ack, i can't find the recipe online. I found it in one of my cookbooks and instead of a whole fryer or pieces, I used cut up chicken thighs. I dredged in flour and fried until golden brown in olive oil. I placed at the bottom of the casserole dish, carmelized some shallots in the leftover oil and placed on top of the chicken. prepared the batter which was 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg and some pepper, put that in the blender and then stirred in a teaspoon of dried rosemary. poured over the chicken and heated the oven to 365. The recipe said 375...i made a mistake, but after 40 minutes at 365 it was so yummy.

uhm, look at this.
normally i would be like I want my kitchen to be black and stainless steel everything, but tell me this kitchen doesn't scream warmth! I love the beam thingy on the ceiling.

 Cool sites and stuff
 Plukka- Look at this awesome's $3100.00 so don't touch just look....

Hautelook-Vera Wang Lavendar is on sale. The Organza Strapless Dress is my fav. Also Fall boots on sale at GREAT prices.
Ideeli-Coats, Coats and more coats!

It's story time my friends and who doesn't like reading heartfelt amazing stories of animals who help save lives even when they're not trained to. Read here about some heroic strays who adopted a crew out in Afghanistan and saved many lives one night. It's amazing how much love an animal can give. Thank you soldiers for making sure that these dogs weren't left behind. you are all my  heroes. Story on

have a wonderful day everyone...notice i didn't talk about the Yankee loss last's ok. We're tied.

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