Monday, October 8, 2012

Phew I am wiped out...

oh golly. My body is so tired. The garage sale was a success but my body feels like it needs to hibernate for a day or two. Not to mention the sunny day we had that burned my skin, I feel like a potato chip. i could easily stare at the wall for an hour. It's Columbus Day and several people are out today, while I'm stuck in here and i'm kicking myself for not requesting it off. It's alright....I'll be fine.

yeehaw, tonight is The Voice and we're getting to the battle round segment. I guess the coaches have the right to steal the contestants and add them to their team, not sure how it's going to work, but i can't wait to watch!

The Yankees won their first game against the Orioles last night.  Can we say I am so stoked??? I bought the app atBat 12 and i can WATCH AND LISTEN to the game. I was woohooing all over the house. I was pretty shocked that there wasn't much data used up after the game. I thought for sure i was going to get screwed, but I didn't care. I can't watch the game here, because they don't show it. I heard the Giants lost to the

Holy Crap. Gerr's birthday is next weekend and I have to figure something out ASAP! The man is turning 36. So far i have a couple of gifts coming, but nothing special. The guy has not said a word about what he wants. hmmph. He has mentioned a tablet, but HELLO, there are like 20 different tablets out there. I did send him this living social deal like a month ago and he brought it up while he was talking to a friend of ours, i was like "Hon, that deal's gone you know...if you wanted it, you shoulda told me when it was still valid." sigh....hmmm...maybe we can go to the pumpkin patch or something? A dinner on Saturday night? but where....i'm panicking. can you tell? He isn't making this easy either. He has no ideas and the poor guy doesn't think that his birthday is something special...which it totally is. Have i mentioned my brain is fried....

So Bella got to see her first Dog Trainer. I'm not going to mention his name yet, because i have a couple of strikes against him. First i'm going to tell you all the positives. He claimed his space, which was nice. Bella tried to jump, he knocked her down. lol. He let her give him kisses, he was ok with that. We went over our whole history and my apprehension with her and other dogs. He had a dog in his car and we ventured out to see how Bella does with a dog in a car situation. She didn't do well. He asked about a pinch collar, I said NO. I have like ten reasons why i don't like pinch collars and inflicting pain on my dog is one of the things I won't do. I want my dog to trust me not fear me.  Anyway, he was like "Well, it would solve this problem in like 20 seconds." That's great but will she actually LEARN something, or will she just FEAR being pulled.  That was strike one. Second strike was he mentioned that pits were different than other dogs, they'll just go off. Made me a little nervous when he said that. BUT he had  just left a house where a pit he was training went for his face and luckily the dog was muzzled. So ok that last strike may have been from that situation. I don't know. I had to make him think of other ways we were going to have to try. He came up with a squirt bottle or a squeaky toy to redirect her attention from a dog in the car to me. The goal is that in 5 weeks, Bella needs to be calm when we see a dog sitting in a car.  I hope that I can do this.

Alright cool sites offering cool things and stuff....
  • Smashbox-buy 50 bucks and choose 3 deluxe samples for free!
  • Hautelook-Born shoes. Normally i'd be like here's a good sale with items with super low prices...BUT you have to check out these boots. BEAUTIFUL. 
  • Dropbox-i love this app. Any picture i take on my phone or tablet go straight here and saved for like ever...I don't use this with my computer at home because i have an extra storage thingy i save all of my pictures too. But to have ONE place where my cell and my tablet send all of my random pictures, well that's just swell to me! check it out.
  • Eat this, Not that-cool article about 10 desserts you can have at popular restaurants that come to under 300 calories...Do not be afraid people, some of these you've probably already eaten!!
  • Ziplist-Please tell me you've already signed up for this, because I got about 12 new recipes in my inbox that have got me drooling...and now i have to clean up my spittle. Here's a link I got to some Creole Chicken that i want right now! 
  • Rue la la-has some pretty costumes for kids and babies. kinda pricey, but they're not cheap looking.

Ring of the day....
 Remember Brain fried? which also meant i dressed like crap today and forgot to wear a ring. super sad face here. But I did do my nails last night. This is Julep's Rose. the last color only lasted about 4-5 days, the tips lost the color and cracked easily. I do a lot of typing, so we'll see how long this lasts. 

Pawsitive Dog Stories
We've heard all the horrid stories of pitbulls being shot by police officers (some FOR NO FRIGGIN REASON), but what about the officers that are kind and do the right thing? We hardly hear about those. This is a great story from the Washington Examiner. A story about a dog searching for help AND jumping into a police car to cover the officer with kisses. I think we all would be a bit freaked out if ANY type of dog jumped into our vehicle. Star is up for adoption.

alright i'm going to zone out and stare at this beautiful white wall.....see you tomorrow.

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