Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nope I didn't watch the debate....

I may need to watch next time...I cannot stand Romney. Seriously he gives me the heebe jeebies. He frightens me and I didn't want to break my television. I love my television. I found my entertainment in "Angel" the series and kept checking facebook. I could hear people online laughing at Romney. Anyway, he's a turd. But you people i don't care what party you vote for, make the right choice and VOTE! Here's a nifty little site that will tell you if you are registered, it's called Turbovote (thanks to my wonderful Purewow email I find out about a bunch of nifty things). They text you reminding you when it's time to vote and other voting related stuffs!

I tried a new recipe yesterday:  Fiesta Tamale Pie-Glad i could find it for you online, the receipe was in one of my new cookbooks i bought at a yard sale. The dish was pretty good! and actually very easy to make! I would add a bit of salt to the recipe-at the end and taste as you go-or add some hot sauce to the beef mixture for a bit of heat, since the cornmeal is very plain tasting it needs something to even itself out. Tonight is Asparagus Chicken. I'll let y'all know how it comes out. I didn't buy sesame oil because it was like 11 bucks. hehe, oh well...olive oil or vegetable oil it is....

Sites you should know about and the cool things featured today (i am thinking that this title is pretty lame, huh?):
  • Rue La La-you may  have to sign up for this page to view it. This caught my eye this morning. I'm fond of this time of year and i love the deep orange and maroon colors that remind me of leaves changing colors.. So, of course I had to check out their Harvest inspired table settings. They have lots of other color themes too-green, purple etc. it's really pretty stuff. Check it out if you're looking to add some spice to your dinner table.
  • Joss and Main-ok it was pretty tough to choose which category i liked best, i think the Noir Boudoir has GREAT pretty. 
  • Smashbox-Smashbox and i met a couple of years ago...actually, i am pretty sure it was like 1999 or 2000. I love their stuff, i still have some of the stuff they gave me and no i won't throw it out.  If you like makeup as much as i do, it's a must to sign up to their site and wait for sales. They have daily free items with purchase! me likey the site.
  • Ideeli-euro ceramica sale, such pretty plates, mugs, glassware...
  • True and Co-grrr they have some gorgeous bras...too bad i'm a cheapo and won't buy them...they're so pretty...not even going to link to it, because you get an automatic sign in box. hmmph...meanies.
  • The animal rescue site- has animal costumes! it's that time of year again people; time to torture the pooch!  there aren't that many choices, but the prices are pretty damn good! don't forget to click here to feed some animals!
  • Forever 21 ladies- new :sweaters and skirts and new fall boots!!!
Everyone has a friend that makes you want to hit their head on a wall repeatedly because their decisions sometimes are so bad they make you want to forget them. I have one of those friends...I feel bad for her. She's dating someone she shouldn't be. But I think she thinks she deserves to be treated badly. I often think back to my own relationships and I completely understand where she's coming from, but sometimes enough is enough...I can't watch this stuff and i have to be honest with her no matter what. Sometimes the best thing to do is be honest. Even if it hurts the other person. I am not a yes "man", I will tell you when you're being an arse.

isn't this cute! i want this ice tray!

Ring of the Day...and a snap shot of my new boots...Thanks Gerr Bear for my new ring!!! 

 Pawsitive doggy story time
this is another story from the NY times it's amazing. I feel like wow, the military is really stepping up here and i feel super PROUD to be an american. Learning how to treat military dogs. Basically this story is about medics learning veterinary care for the dogs on the field. It's a pretty amazing story and while i read it, I teared up. I want to hug them for taking care of our humans AND dogs. Caring for both because they're fighting for our country...I may not be pro-war, but i am pro bringing our SOLDIERS HOME safe and alive. Please read this story and share on FB. 
Thank you and i'll see you all tomorrow!

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