Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer is here....

Not sure about the rest of the country, but in California (especially Northern California) we are finally experiencing HEAT. Seriously, it's friggin hot outside. I live so close to San Fran that it's normally on the cool side and record heat is something we daydream about. I hadn't been to the beach this whole summer, because let's face it, the beach is like 20 degrees colder than where i live and I don't want to bring my sweatshirt and jeans to go hang out at the beach. After work yesterday, Bella and I were dreading our afternoon walk. I came home to that poor dog panting. Gerr called up and was like "let's go to the beach" my response "ok, but we have to be home before the Voice." Thank God for California beaches...Twas very nice and definitely refreshing.

I feel bad for my friend....she's dealing with a teenage son. Man...that's gotta be the caca's...Mom i'm sorry for being a shitty teenager....

kinda annoyed that the new No Doubt album isn't getting much air play. I haven't listened to the whole thing (need to put it on my ipod this week, already downloaded) but dude, it's No Doubt. I get it that Greenday's album came out at the same time, but do i say it nicely-it's EH at best. Not fabulous...AND HELLO??? what the f... Billie Joe is now advising Christina Aguilera's team on the Voice...ICK. 

I should have listened to my mom when she asked if i wanted a gift card from either ideeli or hautelook...yes yes i do...even though a giftcard to forever 21 is always welcome. :) and no it's not my birthday yet.

The A's and the Giants are now in the postseason...there may be a chance that I get a suite to see the A's and the Yankees if they play. I think i will probably have a heart attack if they play here in the post season and i'm dreading the giants and the yankees ever playing in the world series.....

Sometimes i see people on facebook and they "like" all of these cool pages and pictures, but they have no depth. They don't stand for anything. and i mean like nothing. comments like "woohoo going to get a burrito" or "i'm in so much pain, he broke up with me because i'm a bitch" you know..stuff like that...well get ready to get angry...I don't want to post the picture, but did you know that in certain countries and also in our own,  people are using dogs and cats as BAIT?  it's disgusting. and it's time for you to stand up for something. Sign a petition here. Don't sit there reading this and go Oh I'll do it later, bla bla bla...just do it. Stand up for something.

Here are some more fun websites:

Ventee-Privee-i like this website. Think hautelook and ideeli BUT their clothing items seem to be a little more expensive. Today i saw some bakeware for HELL OF cheap. They're neat, i'd keep an eye on them and see what they get from time to time.

True & Co- want to buy bras online? Well, it's fun to look at, but the bra's are 45 bucks. I'm not a big fan of that, but it's good to keep your eye out when they have big sales like 2 for 1's or something.

Thrillist-I like this website a lot AND it's not just for the Bay Area. This site does have options for different parts of the country AND they even have an app for your phone! I get emails announcing new restaurants and bars. Definitely a must if you like checking out the next best thing!

Animal Rescue Site - this is the site you go on and when you click on the "click here" button you help raise food for animals! This site also has great animal stuffs.

too lazy to look through anymore...

Oh letting y'all know i got my julep maven penny order! I will let you know what i think about the actual nail polish, but i am not really that impressed with the size of the bottles.  They're skinny and thin not like the normal ones you buy at the store. Now the normal box comes with 40 bucks worth of products and the cost is 19.99. I only paid a penny for the 5 that i got, so I will first see how the polish looks and then i'll tell you if it's worth it when i get my box later this month!

here's my ring of the day:
Sorry but this just in:
I'm definitely going to need a positive dog story after this....3 dogs were murdered on Friday by the city council in Austin TX, due to a man beating one of the dogs so that he would get bitten. His dog was unleashed and started attacking this ladies dogs while she was TRAINING them. They were pitties, well trained and ON leash. Now they're gone while this ass hat roams free.

People LEASH YOUR DOGS.  I don't care if your dog is 10 years old and never hurt anyone, LEASH THEM. Yesterday i was at the beach with Bella, I had her on leash. This dog who was off leash started approaching us and i yelled "BACK". The guy looked pissed but i didn't care, I don't want your strange dogs near mine, so leash your dogs. Because if that shit above were to happen while I was around, that dude would have had my elbow to his nose and pepper spray in his eyes. Remember ladies, keys are always handy weapons too. I will protect what's mine and if that means i have to kick your dog, I will.

OK  We so need one right???
how about a video? Ever wonder how people save strays? Well this video is about a pitty living in a ditch. And the love and patience of her rescuers. Takes two hours and we get a 4 minute video. You can tell how scared she is and you feel her pain, but three people make it their mission to save this dog and to help her trust them. Made me tear up. Please watch and share.

That's all folks. Let's pray for a better day tomorrow ok...some good stuff rather than all of this terrible crapola.