Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Food, Subscription boxes and handmade cards.

The above makes me sound like i'm about to get all creative on your asses, but i'm not. I don't do arts and crafts real well so please don't expect it. I will share with you the yummy recipes i've tried, the subscription boxes that have failed (in my eyes) and my sad attempt at making Gerry a belated birthday card (yes i know i suck).

ok so food. Everyone here (i'm looking around at my imaginary crowd) knows i love FOOOOOD! Well, I've been in the mood to try recipes from cookbooks, pinterest, bonappetit, ziplist etc...normally I just come up with things in my head and voila master chef Jacky makes an excellent meal! The good part about following a recipe is that you learn methods you didn't know before. Last night we had Maple Glazed Pork Chops. Pretty damn good. Gerry loved them. This recipe was easy, i didn't even have to get anything from the store.

Birchbox...sigh...I cancelled my subscription today. When i first received it, i was like, "Uhm, these are just samples, I can go to the Macy's make up counters and ask for samples for free." The box I got, which i'm sort of confused about, it was called goop. cute name, but where the hell is my October birchbox that costs 28 bucks? In this little box i get more SAMPLES and a friggin soy candle. Yes thank you for the luna bar, but i'm not a fan of those. I think another box is coming, but i still don't think 28 bucks is worth it. I cancelled for next month. I'm just not impressed.

the yankees play tonight in Detroit. I'm missing my game and I'm unhappy about that. Next week is the world series, and i may have to miss my class....i guess it all depends on who's playing too.  Come on Yanks, I hope you play better tonight. Wish i could miss tonight's class, but we're learning about spinal unloading which i really want to be there for. OOPS, i need to do my homework.

Gerry's birthday card was more like one of those 1st grader book reports, but with pictures of silly dogs. I am sure that one day we will look back at it and be thankful that I noted what we did on his 36th birthday, whilst wishing him a happy birthday (trust me the sentence makes sense, sorta). I cut and paste (on the computer) on to word and wrote stuff. OOOH i'm clever. I felt so bad for not having a card, i had to make it memorable so it was like 4 pages long; that's because the pictures were very big. Tada...bow.
  • Cynthia Rowley on Hautelook-expensive yes, but still on sale. 
  • Towel Sets under $50-towels are pretty expensive, but i'm liking this sale. Lots of colors. I like the sets, i probably wouldn't buy the face towels at $15.95, but that's the Ross shopper in me. 
  • Ideeli-Amarita Singh-strange that hautelook and ideeli both  have the same people on sale....Steiner sale and cute boots too
  • Musings in Red-it's a blog. she's pretty funny. read it. :)
I'm trying to find more interesting things for you to do, read and look at, but i'm bored searching...this shit is hard work...I also think i'm PMSing majorly...yay me.

Rings of the day and yesterday (i totally forgot to post it)
  this ring should fit on my ring finger, but it won't go past the knuckle. Not a stretchy ring. boohoo.

Sometimes the most positive dog stories are the ones you never really hear about. This story is about how dogs help behind the scenes in our nations most horrific tragedies. Sometimes you  just need an animal to lift your mood. I know how that feels, it's the most powerful magic in the world. read more here on USA today's Paw Print Post.

that's all for me folks.

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