Wednesday, October 24, 2012

hewwo wednesday

Why? Why is it when i've been waking up in the morning i see sunshine when it should be raining? I am missing out on the rain. It's happening at night or in the early morning and i want to be awake, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, watching the rain hit the puddles in the yard and cuddling up to my pup. Ahhhhh, that sounds so nice right now. Now if only i could have a fireplace...

I am praying that by next year I will have a house! I have to put it out there (out there meaning the universe) my needs and wants. Positive energy that it will happen. The right time will come. The credit card debt paid. The loan perfect. etc.....It's my time. It will be my time...

World Series this evening! Go Giants!

My chronic pain program is coming to and end! So sad, because i've learned so much. I've learned about body mechanics and the way we move. I've learned some simple and fabulous exercises that really make you feel better after you do them. i've learned that perfectly straight and erect isn't naturally the best way to stand or sit. i've always known my thoughts were my own worst enemy and that i had to figure out a way to control them or lessen them so that my tension would be less, but man oh man, have i learned a lot of different ways to do that! One of the most important things that's come out of this is meditation. At first i thought it was hokey, but after years of dealing with pain I entered into this program with an open mind because I was tired of all the pain, the aches, the flare ups...etc...I think it was the best time to be in this program, because i was willing to do whatever they wanted. Meditation can be hard, but i feel elated and brand new when my session is over. i can go on youtube at work or at home and close my eyes and listen to some guided imagery or a body scan and relax for a moment. When i finally learned how to relax my face in a couple of seconds, i knew that i could do this throughout my body. I feel so lucky to have done this. Is all of my pain gone? No. I have fibromyalgia and that pinched nerve in my neck is still there. But i am alright. I don't focus on my pangs anymore and i am learning how to NOT talk about them all the time either. There are too many ways to alleviate pain, that to focus in on it is NOT one of them.

What's for dinner? This weekend we had a couple of people over for Game 6. Gerry had thought he bought some beef ribs, but picked up brisket instead. How? Please don't ask...i have no idea why he thought it was ribs and didn't read the label. So after a couple of days sitting in my fridge salt and pepper and spices all coating that sucker, I put it in the crockpot this morning with some barbecue sauce. Hopefully it will be tasty and ready in time for dinner. I guess we'll have sammiches, so that means i need some delicious bread.

Ring of the Day!

Oh have i mentioned how i cannot wait for Thanksgiving??? I guess we may be doing a shared Turkey day like last year with my buddies Melinda and Natalie. Sounds good to me! Gotta see who else wants to come, I have some friends with no family around, so it's always good to spread the word.

cool stuff and stuff
ASPCA-Celebrate shelter animals and go shopping on the ASPCA website. Today i bought Bella a life jacket 26 bucks, a puzzle cube (she loves puzzles), and the book "Shelter Dogs"  which 40% of the book sales go to the ASPCA. I should have gotten this for the cats, since Misfit loves to destroy Gerr's dj equipment (really just uses it for a scratching post)

 Dogs on Drugs- Go read blog. funny! lol.
Inspirations By D-I am in such a pumpkin baking frenzy that the more recipes i find the happier i get! The link will take you to the best  Pumpkin Cookies. I will have to be the judge of that...

people:this is all i got the usual sites weren't very interesting today. ho hum...

Stubbydog is an awesome site. I welcome their emails every time i get one, because I know I have something amazing to read. I want you all to read about Juliet and her foster parents. This story is pretty cool. It's about a dog that was given up and living in a shelter until she found the right parents who taught her a valuable skill, proving that pitbulls are just as good as any other dog. It's an awesome read, here it is

Have a great day everyone!

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