Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stupid drivers.

ARGH. I almost got hit this morning. How the guy didn't see me, is beyond me. I'm driving along and I notice he's trying to cut across the intersection and he keeps going, i'm like AHEM, i'm right here! He finally stops, but ARGH!!! I'm a bit out of sorts because of his stupidity. Major dumbass award goes to him. jackass. (i think calling him all sorts of names this morning will make me feel better).

I should be a date planner. One of my coworkers is going on a first date and when I asked where he was taking her, she answered "i think i want to go to Red Lobster", really? I'm not going to knock Red Lobster's food, but I am going to piss all over their atmosphere. The place reminds me of a school cafeteria. I also believe that if you're going on a first date, it should be somewhere intimate. Trust me when i say that this Red Lobster is NOT intimate-hence the cafeteria reference. I sent her some links to some better restaurants, even Olive Garden is better (I love that place by the way) or Outback Steakhouse. Shrug we'll see what happens. I can only do so much! lol.

So what are your plans this weekend?? Gerr, myself and some friends are going to a corn maze Friday night. We will bring flashlights, because how the heck else will we be able to see? Sandcastle contest in San Francisco this weekend! Lower Haight Urban Air market! San Francisco Trolley Dances! 2nd annual Zombie crawl! Renegade Drive-in presents Ghostbusters Saturday night!, Nothing Halloweenie. but thanks to SF funcheap, we'll never be bored!

FIREBALL!!! I am not sure if we were the only people in the US who saw it, but WOW what a strange occurrence over our skies! It didn't look very high up either. I was sure that aliens had landed on earth. Click on the link to see the news report. It was so strange...what was with the boom though??? Watch it was really a bomb that was sent to kill us all, but then they said "Nevermind" and it self destructed. this shit is givin' me the wiggins.

Oh christmas you are approaching so quickly!!! I've only shopped for one person! I must get people to make amazon wish lists. it's easier that way!

reheated macaroni and cheese with chicken apple sausage is B-O-M-B. i know that the cup was full before i heated it up, but it deflated....does that mean i get to eat more???? I didn't think so...but i just may!

Yankees are playing at 4pm eastern, 1pm pacific...i'll be listening......

Super Cool Ring
 need to do my nails...

Cool sites and stuff
Julep-They updated their site! it looks very nice! I got their Trick or Treat box and i love it! So far I'm thinking that this box may be worth the money; so far so good.
Hautelook-check out Meghan LA jewelry!!!
Joss and Main-check out their World of Wall Art Section, GREAT retroesque art!
Modern Country Style House-you have to check out this kitchen!!! and the fridge! We have two of these in Gerry's cute!

Pawsitive Dog Story!
ok this story comes from Stubbydog. This is about Butley, the pitty, who travels around the country with his loving parents. Their blog is called rude awakening-where they chronicle their trip.  But they're sharing their story with Stubbydog to share what it's like to travel with a pitbull to different states for months! Awesome and funny. It's pretty cool, they have a total of two parts up, but the next one will be up on friday! Enjoy!

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