Wednesday, October 17, 2012

oh yankees and stuff i don't like..

I don't know what to say, Yankees...I came home at about 8 and you hadn't scored yet. I'd like to think that the home run was for me. So thank you. I'm not sure you'll win tonight, but it's ok if you don't. You'll be back next year. I know you will. And if you do win tonight, then yahoo; I'll be watching. Please remember I am a lifer; I'll always be passionate about you guys.

I still have 3 more lbs to go, but I can't shake it. I'm eating enough and exercising the same. I know i should increase my exercise, but the sun is setting earlier and baseball season is coming to an end. This time of year it's really hard for people to stay at their present weight. Soon we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving, eating tons of leftover turkey, then there's Christmas and New years and throughout that whole time we're all baking and having cozy get togethers...etc...i think you get my point. So what do we do? We don't over eat. if you can't finish what's on your plate, bring it home and eat it another day. Turkey leftovers? make a soup. Freeze as much as you can. If you have a walking regimen after work, keep it. On those rainy or snowy days, do what you can indoors. I know it's hard and expect to gain a couple of pounds, but remember you don't have to. Counting calories works. Myfitnesspal will be my best friend this holiday season. oh yeah, and i need a new scale since mine is off. 

Doggy training. So I'm not sure if i talked to you guys about this a while ago. I have to find a way to get Bella's attention when we're walking by a dog. She gets so zoned in on another dog that I don't know what to do. Well, the trainer had proposed a pinch collar and that's just not going to happen (last resort and only for training purposes). So we got the thing she kinda hates; the clicker. cross your paws that this works. :)

ok now to things i don't like, because that's the kind of mood i'm in...

color blocking. ick. soooo bad 80's.

Fringe BLEH!!!
 Fur. People why? what is your need for real fur? Disgusting. By the way, this is raccoon fur. that's utter bullshit.

 these look like jazz shoes. not oxfords.

 click this link from refinery 29 for the "clubwear" that stinks, in my opinion. Some pieces as separates are pretty, but put together...nurp.

Things i like..
I love clutches like these:
Tresor Lancome lotion
I get a lot of compliments. This scent is delicious. 

oooh i want one of these

Cool sites and stuff
  • Ideeli is adapting the 30 day shipping idea that Rue la la had. you pay 9.95 for shipping and all orders from now until November 15 are free to ship. Sure it's a temporary idea, but i think they'll find that more people will order if that's the case.
  • Smashbox new studio collection is out! prices aren't so bad, since it's well....smashbox and all.
  • Goldbely-i think i just found the best site on the web. Order food from ANYWHERE! tomorrow is payday and you bet your lifesavers i'm going to order from here!!! 
OK i need to finish up here...
pawsitive dog story of the day!
Ok this story made me tear up (so many do) this dog alerts his parents that his baby sister stopped breathing. He saved a life. I feel bad for him in the pictures, you can tell he's a little scared of all the people around him taking pictures. it's ok pup, you're a good boy. Thank you dogster for existing!

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