Friday, October 26, 2012

Finally Friday...

and with that I yawn...It was pretty hard to get up this morning. My bed was nice and warm. Fievel kitty laying by my side, Bella between Gerry and i, and the house was dark. I could have slept for another hour. Well, thank the deity's it's friday.

Hopefully we'll go to the movies tonight. Gerry and I really want to see Chasing Mavericks. We live close to where Maverick's happens annually (sometimes it doesn't at all) and any movie about these big local waves we want to see!  If you don't know about Jay Moriarty, click on this link and it will take you to wikipedia.

Giants won again. Last nights game was a bit boring to me, it just came down to who was going to score. I have a strong feeling the Giants are going to sweep Detroit. 

Bella and the clicker. It's working!!! the second i even take out the clicker she's like "hey mom, it's ok I'm focused on you now." I still need to keep doing the doggy rounds for myself and her sake, but it's awesome. She HATED the clicker. The poor dog was scared of it when I first tried it a couple of years ago. It took her a couple of days to get her tail back to normal and not hide it between her legs. I guess now it's a useful tool! I have emailed the trainer guy to ask if we can get more time, to be honest I haven't found many dogs in cars. I think ONE dog in 5 weeks isn't going to teach her barking at them  is a no no.

Ruh Roh...fee waived Adoptions at the Marin Humane Society this weekend....i'm thinking Oh. mah. god...there are kittens....I think i'm ready for number 3. meow. holy cuteness look at this face:
I would name you Pumpernickel.
I'd name you look like you're pretty Regal and you'd have a chihuahua as a pet. 
Mayo. I don't know why...but i think the name Mayo fits.  
too much cuteness...AHHHH overload!!!

Cool sites and shite..
30 dog Halloween Costumes-Thank you Barkbox for sending me this link. I feel so bad because I don't have a costume for Bella! We have last year's, but the wig won't stay on. We may just have to try again and see if she'll walk around with her costume this weekend.
PLUKKA- look how cute! 470 they'll have a sale???
Hautelook-Ok several items here. Check out Monique Leshman for cool jewelry for the ladies. There are even some cool stretchy rings! Sunglass Shop for men and women! Check out Renee C for some real sale priced items! Very affordable!
Ideeli-French Connection at a very very good price and such cute coats, purses, dresses etc...Ray-ban sale, Miss Sixty i think this coat is my favorite! I WANT IT, but i can't....I'm really sad that Ideeli is selling items with fur in them. I wish they wouldn't....please don't buy fur.
Rue La La-Click on the link and it will take you to Time to get Cozy! lots of items that remind me of fall and winter!
Refinery29- OK so they have this article with slide show about 21 pieces/trends the editors would never wear. Some make sense, others make me want to slap them silly...A white T is classic, lipstick is a must, high low skirts and dresses are actually cute, yes those stupid pants with the very low crotch I don't get either. There's my input. The important thing for each person to remember when trying on different fads is not what someone says in a magazine or what your peers are wearing is what LOOKS GOOD ON YOU! If you smile and find yourself giddy in a dress, a pair of jeans, a top or whatever...than guess what it's a keeper.
Joss and Main-i'm jumping up and down. you must click this link. it's like man cave/fun room stuff. billiards, dart boards and even those cool lights at billiard halls! Also other games...they HAD a Beatles Monopoly game but it sold out. BOO...this is like a must do it!!!
NWF Action Fund Donate-Donate to save the Polar Bear. The caps are melting. and i wonder what happened to all of the money coca cola is supposed to donate every year? hmm....Anyway, if you donate, the monies will be matched dollar for dollar.
Smashbox-Studio pop lips, a 5 gloss set,  26 bucks and free shipping!

Pawsitive Dog Story
Today's story comes from the ASPCA. The 2012 Humane Award winners have been announced. Go meet them, three VIB-very important beings...Great Stories, uplifting animals and a 10 year old who stands up for what he believes in...AHHH inspiring!

have a wonderful weekend everyone. Many hugs!

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