Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just keep repeating....

I will have a good day...i will have a good day...i will have a good day...That was my mantra this morning. I sat down at my desk and the phone rang. It was the evil bitch from this tire place we use. I skipped an invoice and i paid the wrong amount, apparently her system is from 1965 and it took her hours to figure it out. FINE I made a mistake. Instead of sending me invoices when we buy what we need, we get like 60 a month in a big giant pile. It's a lot of work and i am human. She's not nice about it at all. And i wish i had the power to say, "if you're not nice lady, we're going to take our business elsewhere and watch you go out of business." ugh...i will have a great day i will have a great day...i will have a great day...

AND the Giants won GAME ONE of the World Series!!!! What's up Verlander??? Looks like i was scared of you for nothing... :)

I've already voted....I feel good. 

My boss must have known i was having a shitty morning, because we're getting lunch today!!!

So i have an issue with a lot of women out there and the whole pro-choice thing. I don't think people understand what pro-choice means exactly.  When some women hear the words Pro Choice, their automatic response is "Well, I'm pro life." No no no lady, actually you're pro choice. Don't you get it...YOU HAVE A CHOICE to be pro life! No man is telling you what you can do, you have decided for yourself. Do you understand literally what that means???? The government shouldn't be allowed to tell a man or a woman what they can do to their bodies or what God to pray to or what religion to belong to. That is not their decision. If you want to choose to have all the babies you get pregnant with-go ahead, it's your choice. The point is to not push your beliefs on someone else. Let them decide for themselves what they need to do. Pro Choice means having an option; not a law stopping you from making any choice at all.

In all of this World Series Craze, I almost forgot about Halloween. My favorite people at SF funcheap kindly reminded me that there are so many things happening this weekend and on Halloween itself. If you need help finding something to do in the Bay Area check out this link right here for a nice big list!

Cool Stuff sites shite...
Rue La la-pretty pretty shiny sparklies!!!It's pretty jewelry. look at the pretty ring...259.90 Sapphire and blue quartz ring
Ideeli-White mountain boot sale!!! Gorgeous! I see three pairs i want...they're so friggin affordable!

Hautelook-Want to get someone something special and "expensive". Versace scarves! Not too expensive, 99 bucks isn't bad for what they normally go for!
Joss and Main Great Gift ideas under Rosanna! really nice items, atleast i think so...
Fancy-sometimes the best presents are the coolest and most unique. If you haven't signed up to fancy, you should...remember to "fancy" stuff to unlock deals for super neato stocking stuffers or unique gifts!
Modewalk- if you've got the money honey, well i got a dress for you...It's $5400....but it's pretty.

Pawsitive Dog Story
Give it up to the hero war is a story from on some 4 legged and winged friends who've gotten recent war medals.

Good day all, i shall see you on the morrow!

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