Friday, October 5, 2012

Garage Sales, Fleet week and Bella Training.

I live in the Bay Area and this week it's Fleet week. Unfortunately for me, I live in the north bay and getting to the city to watch the Blue Angels is going to prove difficult. ITS NOT FAIR! I want to see them fly under and over the Golden Gate Bridge! I live here dammit! Parking will be ridiculous, tourists will be occupying every empty available space in the area and 101 will probably not move because rubberneckers will be trying to hang out on the bridge as long as possible to see the Blue Angels fly over them. :( BOOHOO.

Bella's training is tomorrow!!! I'm so excited. My pup is pretty good at listening and learning things and she gets pretty focused when there's food involved.  I hope that we can help her with her dog on dog nervousness. Really excited and I hope I'm not let down. I'll let y'all know what happens next week.

Halloween Plan's HELL YEAH! We actually have Halloween plans. Which means I get to wear a costume for the whole night! yahooo. Friends of ours are going to dinner and a show and invited us to come, so we're heading to ASIASF. What will I be,  you ask??? Well here you go:
on Amazon

Now I don't look anything like her, but i think i can pull this off! Gerry will be a robber or a cop. He hasn't decided yet! No i will not be wearing those boots. If i intend to walk around and go to work the next day, my boots will have to be flatter. Lucky for me I'm a boot hoarder.  oh I also bought a Little Red Riding Hood costume, because that's how i roll. Every year I buy two costumes, sometimes you just don't want to be what you thought you wanted to be....:)

You know what i did last night? I had a really nice time with my friend hanging out in my room. I almost felt like a teenager. We talked about all sorts of things and it was awesome to have a real conversation with a friend about dogs, politics, relationships, etc...That goes in my box of cherished memories.

Garage Sale this weekend and i fear I do not have enough stuff to sell! My neighbors/friends have TONS of stuff they got from family members. I have to dig through our basement and figure out what I want to sell! I need extra money this week. I don't want to use my credit cards for anything for awhile

Sites with cool things today (crappy title but i think i may go with it):
  • Plukka has a cool ring on their site that i can't afford. I love skulls and really it's pretty awesome looking. the high....So let's just look at it, k?
found here
  •  Hautelook-Tosca handbags at like 26 bucks a purse! and some great styles like bowling bags!
  • Refinery 29- i recently signed up for this site...i'm not quite sure what it's all about, but i love the outfit they have selected for SF's Indian Summer. check it out it's pretty adorable.
  • Smashbox-ooh ladies, check out the new eye shadow palettes on Smashbox...they're cool!! and your free item today is a deluxe sample of their new BB foundation called Camera Ready!
  • America's Test Kitchen- Oh yum, hello Skillet Apple Crisp Recipe! All i'm missing are the apples, apple cider and rolled oats, this screams FALL!!!!
i love this song! Listen to it at your desk and rock out!

Ring of the day! and a peak at my boots!

I found these boots at a garage sale for 10 bucks. Nine West baby!

and now.....
Pawsitive Dog Story!
This is a great story. I love reading the beginning and then getting to the fairytale ending. You'll read about Scooter a dog used as a weapon or rather a threat during a mugging. This pitty was taken to a shelter when people noticed she wasn't aggressive. Read the rest of the story here Scooter gets a second chance, by becoming a retired nurses best friend and getting her Good Canine Citizen Award among other things. Nice heartwarming story. 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend all!!!

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