Monday, October 15, 2012

I'd love a sleeping bag at work...

I just need a little more sleep this morning. just a couple more winks. We did go to bed at like 9ish, so theoretically I should be ok, but NO i'm not. booo.

Happy Birthday Gerr Bear-which was yesterday, by the way! You're officially an old man. And to think you also share a birthday with Joe Girardi!

Oh  yankees, what's going on????? Couple things are, pardon my expression, FUCKED:
  • Derek Jeter fractured his ankle.
  • Apparently the umpires are idiots, because on two separate occasions they made TWO HUGE mistakes which hurt the Yankees. Just makes me sad. 
Giants, good game!!! Watching the Giants play was refreshing. They're not my number 1 team, but i can watch the game and see both teams and give them the credit they deserve. I do have to say, that there is far too much booing at Giants games.

I need to get serious for a moment. Last night i joined a page on facebook in memory of a girl, Amanda Todd, who took her life after cyber bullying. The story is more intense than saying it was just because of cyber bullying; there's a lot more to her suicide than that. I was reading the comments and most were heartfelt, while others were cold, ignorant and idiotic.  I understand that some of the teens who pushed her to "drink more bleach" or to find other means to end her life, think that somehow she deserved to die. No one deserves to die. And parents, this is where you are responsible. What you teach your kids is so very important. They echo you when you say that person was a coward. Some of the comments I read just sounded so "stuck up". Life is so good for some, while others with mental illness,even when life appears to be ok on the outside,  on the inside it's a raw, bloody mess. Before you write something that may sound mean and rude, realize that it's inappropriate and move on to something else. Your words do not belong on the page. My heart goes out to this  young woman. I understand how "alone" she felt. I have been there, the only difference is I survived. To read more about Amanda Todd, read the examiner's article here. This article doesn't include some other things that happened to her, if you want to know more here is the RIP Amanda Todd facebook page.

and because i can't stay too serious on here....or i'll get super pissed. let's go on with our show.

Cool stuff on sites you should be buying now...
  • Hi Ideeli-mmmmm lots of cool stuff in winter essentials. I want these by MUK LUK-59.99 ahem size 9! For more boots check out the Ultimate boots section, yum!
  •  First time on Hautelook! Perfumes-Burberry, Vera Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, etc...GREAT Prices!!!!
  • Smashbox-Pro starter kit, a must for any professional cosmetologist. It does cost 649 bucks, but it's packed with stuff. 
  • Ziplist Maple Glazed Pork Chops- i am adding this recipe to this weeks dinner! 
i was really going through a lot of my emails and didn't see much i wanted to share with you. Oh well!

This story made me a little teary. A dog saves a child from drowning in the back yard pool. amazing. Read this wonderful story here

OK time to Boogie...see you tomorrow.

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